15 April, 2019
Blockchain has grown up

Max Müller

On the of March 2019, the Frankfurt School Verlag hosted the third Blockchain-Technology Conference. Various speakers ranging from established large banks, to the current research at the German Fraunhofer Institute and the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center aswell as Fintechs and supporting banks like the solaris bank AG participated and shared their knowledge with the conference participants
29 January, 2019
The Healthcare Revolution

Afrem Shemunkasho

Sunrise Industries are colloquially known as burgeoning sectors or businesses that are currently in their infancies but show promise of rapid growth. Examples include space tourism, cyber-physical systems, and online encyclopediae. However, hospitals and doctors are not around only since yesterday, and at first it might seem surprising to see healthcare as the new sunrise industry, where it has been an essential part of every functioning economy for centuries and is mandated to care about people’s welfare and therefore provide stability.
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Blockchain has grown up
15 April, 2019
Max Müller
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The Healthcare Revolution
29 January, 2019
Afrem Shemunkasho
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4 April, 2019
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