Full-time MBA class visit to Messer Group’s Office
Full-time MBA / 15 August 2022
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Full-time MBA Class of 2022
Mallidi Harshitha is currently doing the Full-time MBA programme at Frankfurt School. Prior to her MBA, she acquired three years of work experience in account management roles and is now interning as a Strategic Partner Consultant at Zalando – the biggest fashion and lifestyle platform in Europe.

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Did you know that the froth on the beer is formed from carbon dioxide bubbles? I didn’t! And did you know that many gases are used in food packaging to protect the contents from moisture? Most of us didn’t know this.

Similarly, there are many known and unknown areas in which gases are widely and indispensably used. A range of industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, environmental protection, medicine, biotechnology, nuclear power, electronics, and even aerospace use various types of these gases. Companies that produce, manufacture, or supply industrial gases and supply equipment and technology to generate together form the Industrial Gas Industry. As of 2020, the global market size of the industrial gases industry is about 88 billion USD and one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers with 100+ years of professional experience in this industry is Messer Group GmbH.

Visiting Messer Group

Recently, the Full-Time MBA Class visited the Messer Group office in Bad Soden along with our student advisor Silvia Carpanè, MBA Program Manager Stephanie Kutschmann, and Professor Horst Löchel. We were all warmly received at the Messer Office and Mr Helmut Kaschenz, a Member of the Management Board kicked off the day with a detailed talk on how Messer came to be (a few points briefly listed below).

Some important excerpts from the Messer business timeline:

  • After Messer entered the industrial gases business in 1965, expansion to many important markets like North America, China, and most of Europe followed quickly
  • Clocking one billion euros in sales for the first time in 2006, Messer continued expansion activities in Europe and Asia
  • Joint acquisition – by Messer and private equity group CVC in 2019 – of Linde’s US business, the Linde operations in Canada, Brazil, and Colombia, and the Praxair operations in Chile. After a 7% increase in revenue in 2017, Messer might be doubling its size with this the deal
  • Despite the initial losses due to the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, Messer grew even stronger with a total sale of 3.1 billion euros – an increase of 12% as compared to 2019 figures
  • In its 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report, carbon dioxide reduction by 40000 tonnes was published
  • Messer now focuses on the development of greener solutions and innovations

After the talk, we were taken on an office tour that included an iconic product wall, an employee tree, history and timeline walls of Messer’s business, and some cool plant equipment. It was an informative and educational experience to know about the industry and how Messer – a family business – grew to be one of the leading manufacturers.

Messer’s team who oversaw the tour was extremely friendly and encouraged our curiosity, which was a clear reflection of Messer’s overall organizational culture. We concluded that interesting day with lunch (Grüne Soße and Schnitzel were there of course!) and a networking session with the Messer team. It was our pleasure to spend the day at the Bad Soden Office and our many thanks to Messer Group and Frankfurt School for making that possible!