Getting future-ready with my Master in Data Analytics & Management
Master in Data Analytics & Management / 3 May 2021
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Master in Data Analytics & Management Class of 2023
Rudolf works as a Credit Analyst at Moody's Investors Service and will soon also be pursuing a part-time Master in Data Analytics & Management degree at Frankfurt School to further develop his skills.

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My name is Rudolf Kurz. I was born and raised in the east of Austria, in a small town an hour away from Vienna. After completing high school, I wanted to live abroad. I fulfilled that goal by completing my undergraduate degree at Marist College, located in upstate New York, USA. After graduation, I was successful in securing a position at a leading rating agency in Manhattan. Almost 6 years later, I decided that my adventure in the USA was great, but it was time to go back to Europe. I moved to Frankfurt in the summer of 2019 and have been working here ever since.

Why did I choose the Master in Data Analytics & Management programme?

I had the desire to further my education ever since moving to Frankfurt. However, with a new job in a new city, I decided to hold off initially before making my next move. After researching my options carefully, it was clear to me that Frankfurt School of Finance & Management was a top choice for my Master’s degree, but I still was not quite sure about which direction I wanted to go for the specifics of my programme.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but when stumbling upon the Master’s in Data Analytics & Management (MDAM) I was stunned. It seemed like the programme was tailored exactly for the needs of someone like me. While the convenient block week scheduling made it possible for me to attend from a practical standpoint, what really stood out was the state-of-the-art curriculum. Data visualization, machine learning, blockchain… you name it – I was amazed that this programme included all these technological and strategic themes that I felt I would need to be successful in the future. At this point, it was a no-brainer for me to apply and I am beyond happy to have received my confirmation letter not too long ago.

What would I like to achieve through this programme?

Coming from a business administration and finance background, I felt like I needed to up my tech skills such as working with data sets as well as improve my coding abilities, to name just two examples. I hope to widen my abilities in the technical area to compliment my business knowledge. Further, I am also quite keen on learning about more strategic concepts such as agile methodologies and digital strategy. I believe that the curriculum ties together extremely well, which enables graduates of this programme to become future-ready, setting them up to excel.