Why a master's at a private business school after a bachelor's at a public university?
Master in Management / 24 March, 2017
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Master of Finance student '18
Gero is enrolled in the Master of Finance program and will graduate in 2018. He did his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg.

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I will shortly elaborate on my motives to join Frankfurt School after studying Mathematics and why I can only recommend doing so. I assume my point of view might be helpful for those studying or having studied at public universities and on topics without a direct link to finance. For me personally it was two major decisions that brought me to Frankfurt School.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in mathematics I decided to not also go for a Master’s in mathematics, which would have been the most natural choice, but to change the focus of my studies. Whilst I believe studying mathematics provides a solid theoretical basis, I felt like I needed to link this theory to knowledge directly applicable to “the real world”. The Master of Finance program excels at providing this link.

Theory & Practice

The professors thrive to deliver the most current academic understanding and interpretation of the topics they teach, while never losing sight of the ways to apply the newly gained knowledge. I cannot recall any instance in which I learned as much useful information as during my first semester at Frankfurt School.

Talking of applying this useful information, I have to mention that the Master’s classes are scheduled in such a way that on three consecutive days during the week there are no classes, to allow students to pursue a part-time job alongside their studies. Among the majority of my fellow students this is one of the most important reasons for choosing to study at Frankfurt School. Of course this allows us students to finance our studies more easily, but more importantly it enables us to enrich our academic knowledge with practical knowledge on the finance industry, while broadening our professional experience and expanding our view on career opportunities. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. I had already started working as a working student at a big German bank during my Bachelor’s and I did not intend to choose a Master’s degree that does not allow me to broaden my professional experience.

A personal learning experience

The second major decision I made was to choose a private university over a public university. The main drawback is of course the tuition you have to pay at Frankfurt School opposed to the tuition-free public universities in Germany. It is important to mention that many employers might offer to pay part of your tuition and that there are several opportunities to get scholarships. My main reason for switching to a private university is that I wanted a more personal learning experience with small classes, where I am valued as an individual and have good professional relationships with staff and peers.

Being a student at Frankfurt School, I really can tell the difference. You could argue that this is quite natural, as Frankfurt School relies on students to supply fresh money, but it’s not just that. On many occasions, professors and staff of Frankfurt School’s administrative body will tell you that Frankfurt School is a project we are working on together, professors, staff and students. And that is not just an empty phrase, but many employees of Frankfurt School will convince you of its truth. Most professors listen closely to students’ feedback and thrive to teach in such a way that gets students ahead. The program director and our study advisors reach out to the student body on a regular basis, to find ways to improve our experience and that of future intakes.

Frankfurt School has very ambitioned plans, especially concerning the Master of Finance. I am very happy with my decision to join Frankfurt School and proud to be part of its progress. There are many more reasons that influenced me in my choice of Master’s program e.g. the school’s international reputation, the diversity among the students, Frankfurt as a location and more. For now I focused on the reasons that were most important to me, and I do hope that it has been helpful for you!