How blockchain took me back to Frankfurt School
Master in Management / 10 January 2023
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Eduard Grigorjan is a Senior Consultant at focused on blockchain and digital assets applications in the financial industry. In his previous role at Capco, he built up extensive experience in the banking sector and has a solid foundation in capital markets and end-to-end payment infrastructure.

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While studying, one often looks ahead and pictures the future in the professional world. Once on the job, people reflect on the time they spent studying and appreciate the benefits. At least that’s how it was for me, which is why I decided to return to Frankfurt School by joining

Studies at Frankfurt School and job entry

As part of my Master in Management studies at Frankfurt School, I explored the topic of blockchain and digital assets and took a module on this topic. With Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC), Frankfurt School has one of the most renowned research centres in Europe, and with Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner as its head, it has one of the most proven experts in the field. The relationship with the FSBC was maintained even after graduation, partly because the FSBC works closely with the private sector.

After graduation, I took a fairly conventional path and started at an international consulting firm. With a focus on the financial industry, the world around blockchain and digital assets was highly relevant in this context. As one of the few people who knew about this area within the company, I took the initiative and, together with a partner and senior manager, set up a new practice dedicated to the topic. The interest of the employees was strong, steady and marked by commitment.


I first learned about thanks to my existing contact with the FSBC. Due to the high demand for subject matter expertise from the private sector around blockchain and digital assets, the idea arose within Frankfurt School to establish a dedicated consultancy for this niche and serve the market with professional and knowledgeable experts. As part of a joint venture with Plutoneo, a boutique consultancy for the traditional financial market, Frankfurt School has founded The goal is to align academic thought leadership around blockchain and digital assets with the rapidly evolving environment of new technology. This is to address the real challenges financial institutions face in dealing with digital assets and the use of blockchain technology.

Together with a young team, we work in an enjoyable atmosphere with barely existing hierarchies. Besides the activities on different projects, we are partly still in the start-up phase. Starting up a new consulting company with the accompanying structures and resources brings other facets with it; it is challenging but exciting at the same time.

In order to maintain proximity to science, we are in regular exchange with the FSBC and cooperate on projects whenever it is beneficial for clients. In addition, cooperation with other research centres within Frankfurt School will be pursued from now on. As blockchain technology and digital assets are cross-cutting topics, they are applied in diverse areas of financial institutions, from regulation to the modelling of banking processes. Frankfurt School offers excellent research centres and subject matter experts in all these areas.

Symbiosis of study and work

The combination of start-up spirit, the proximity to academia and the university environment, as well as the focus on potential applications of blockchain and digital assets made my decision to join a lot easier. It allows me to combine work with my “old” student life. It’s great to be back on campus and to meet some of my old professors and fellow students again. During my time at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, I was fortunate to learn from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced professionals. It is genuinely rewarding to apply my education to real-world scenarios.

As one of the few consultancies specialising in blockchain and digital assets use cases in the financial industry, I work with a talented team of professionals dedicated to providing expert consulting services to our clients. Whether they are starting a new blockchain project, investing in digital assets or simply wanting to learn more about the technology.