How Frankfurt School shaped my professional career
Master of Finance / 4 August 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2017
After completing a Master of Finance at Frankfurt School, Muthanna found a position at FactSet. Three years down the road and he is now a Senior Consultant in Investment Management.

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You might be wondering if Frankfurt School is the place for you or if it will impact your future or your professional career in a certain way. Well, let me tell you about my experience and how Frankfurt School shaped my path in ways I could not envisage.

Why I chose FS

When I joined the Master of Finance Programme at FS, my Bachelor-background was in accounting. Many of my colleagues did not come from a Finance or Economics background and this is one of the many benefits of such a comprehensive programme, as it introduces you to the finance world and builds your knowledge irrespective of your background.

FS offers many opportunities to help build, shape, and accelerate our professional careers. The 3-Day model is a great way to provide students with the opportunity to work while studying, thereby adding practical experience to the theoretical side. Furthermore, we had monthly events with guest-speakers (usually C-level executives) from the financial industry to give more insights on the current conditions and challenges within the market. What I personally found extremely helpful is that these guests always provided their contact information and were happy to answer questions thereafter. In one of the courses’ projects, I personally asked a CEO of a well-established company for more information on the company’s strategy, which was incredibly helpful.

One foot in the business world

What impacted my professional career the most at FS was the huge professional network of alumni, partners, the career centre, in addition to the various networking opportunities through different events such as career fairs. These resources opened many doors and gave me the opportunity to present myself to the companies. By leveraging these resources, I managed to complete two internships at some of the world’s largest financial institutions (Julius Baer & Goldman Sachs). These experiences gave me a clear view and important insights on the buy-side and the sell-side, and helped me discover what I am interested in and in which direction I wanted my career to go.

Where did FS bring me?

I knew I wanted to have more exposure to financial markets while focusing on relationship building. Thus, I joined FactSet directly after graduation as an Investment Management Associate. 3 years passed since I graduated. I am currently a Senior Investment Management Consultant. My job is to form and develop personal relationships with leaders in the financial industry, understand clients’ workflows and develop innovative ways to streamline their research and analysis. My book of clients includes some of Germany’s largest Asset managers, Wealth Managers, and Investment banks. The part I enjoy the most about my role is the same part I enjoyed at FS, that is, the fact that I get to meet and work with many different people from different backgrounds and cultures, not to mention being exposed to a variety of views and perspectives.

When I look back at my journey at FS, I miss everything about it, from the exciting team building activities to the great conversation with my colleagues while working on interesting group projects. I can say that it all passed by so quickly; I guess that is what they mean by “Time flies by when you’re having fun”.  I hope that my experience provides you with the answers you are looking for. If you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out.