How I changed my plans, but not the goal
Master in Management / 24 November 2021
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Master in Management Class of 2023
Soamya is an international student coming from India. She was admitted to the Master in Management programme at Frankfurt School during the first few months of the Covid19-pandemic and deferred her admission for that reason by one year. She therefore joined the Intake 2021.

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My journey from India to Frankfurt has been an exciting one. It was back in 2019 when I first landed in Germany, Frankfurt, to travel further for my summer internship in Paderborn. Those three months made me fall in love with the country, and I was determined to get a greater experience there. I came back to India and started searching for universities vehemently. It was then when I first came across Frankfurt School (FS). Elated with the thought of studying at one of the biggest business and commerce hubs in Europe, I went ahead with my application for the Master in Management programme at FS. The course being taught in English language is the greatest benefit for all international students and increases the international culture within the university. Throughout my application process, my doubts were clarified quickly, enabling efficient and smooth communication between the admission team and the students. The interview after the application round was also a friendly one. The interviewer helped me with all the clarifications that were required at that early stage. The overall smooth process for the admission made me believe in my decision of choosing FS.

Unexpected change of plans

Upon receiving my admission at Frankfurt School, I could barely contain my joy. However, with the pandemic hitting across the globe and throwing everything into uncertainty, I was dismayed. My chances of studying in Frankfurt within the classroom environment seemed impossible to achieve. Frankfurt School was constantly working to help students get the full experience that they had to provide. With the visa offices closed and no further information on them, I had to defer my studies by one year. I saw my friends not being able to defer due to their universities not accepting the requests. I was extremely glad that FS agreed to this proposal of mine without any hassle. The next step was just to wait to reach Frankfurt next year.

Making up for a long distance

Throughout this one year, Frankfurt School quickly adapted to a hybrid mode for studies, giving students the option to attend classes in safe and sound classrooms or via zoom from our homes. I cannot thank FS enough for showing their concern and help to all international students who were not able to make it on time due to visa issues. I arrived in Frankfurt almost one month after my classes had begun. However, Frankfurt School did not make it feel like a month. I did miss out on a few on-campus experiences, but FS planned everything for international students online, be it the opening ceremony, orientation or the student initiative onboarding sessions. The hybrid model made the distance feel much less. I am extremely excited now that I can attend classes on-campus and gain the full experience in Frankfurt. It fits my goal of a business school that imparts entrepreneurial ownership taking and helps balance the right mix of theory with real-world application as well as hands-on experiences through associations and internships. The diversity at the campus will help me get sensitive to various thoughts and beliefs in this world, which is getting integrated at a fast pace. Apart from the creative approach to entrepreneurship, rigorous academics, cooperative environment and dynamic faculty, I am sure the experience with various campus fora will leave me with a lasting impression and help me enrich my personality.