How I successfully transited to a new industry during my master's
Master in Data Analytics & Management / 24 March 2022
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Master in Data Analytics & Management Class of 2023
Christiane is a graduate of the Master in Data Analytics & Management programme at Frankfurt School. She has been an active LinkedIn creator and a marketing guru for years and is now a marketing manager at Giesecke+Devrient Group.

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I graduated from the University of Auckland with a double-Bachelor degree during the pandemic. Then I moved to Germany in November 2020 to commit to my work as the Head of Marketing at an SME technology company. While my job is very much people orientated, I have always imagined how to better understand and monitor business operations from a new perspective. Thus, I could refill my knowledge back into my marketing role. I also wish to meet a new group of people and expand my network as a newcomer in a foreign environment.

The Highlights of the Master in Data Analytics & Management

Studying the Master in Data Analytics & Management programme at Frankfurt School is a perfect choice since it enables me to meet a group of intelligent people working in different industries. By working with a multidisciplinary group, I can learn and adopt different work approaches and benefit from real-life business projects. I can think outside the box and understand how to better transfer my existing skillsets and knowledge to other new roles or new industries.


The Master of Data Analytics and Management is a part-time programme. It empowers future leaders to transform today’s business through digitalisation and business development. The programme does not only have a typical lecture-exam structure but is more likely to provide you with real-life business examples and access top-tier lecturers that have rich experiences in many disciplines, including technology, finance, healthcare, politics and more.

The most attractive part of this programme is that it provides me with the flexibility and freedom to approach a business problem in a way that best suits my current career development stage and experience. I developed a solid mathematical and programming background while an undergraduate student, so I focused more on teamwork, business methodologies, and problem-solving approaches in my Master’s degree.

Combining full-time Work and part-time Study

As a part-time Master’s student, I need to attend regular lectures with my peers during the block weeks, and we have an exam after each block week to test our understanding of the context. The exam could be in multiple choices or short answer formats. We are also regularly assigned with group projects outside of the block weeks, so we have the opportunity to work with different teammates to solve business problems. The workload of each group project largely depends on you and your teammates’ availability and your willingness to contribute. I usually spend at least 2-4 hours per week for group work, including the group meeting we voluntarily host weekly. The amount of work and effort also depends on the dynamic of the team, I might spend more time on the project when my teammates have a crazy schedule, and the other way round could also happen. After all, I think doing a group project in this programme can simulate a real-life project environment, and everyone can learn something new with flexibility.

In a nutshell

Frankfurt School has a diverse, respectful and open environment. I can explore other industries via my lecturer and classmates and through webinars, research projects, publications, and a group of executives in residents that can guide me through my career transition. These are valuable for a newcomer who arrived in Germany during the pandemic.


For my new role as a marketing manager at Giesecke+Devrient Group, I will be responsible for defining and executing product marketing strategies, which enable clients to decide the most suitable and efficient product options that best align with their brands and purposes. I am looking forward to my new work environment while I complete the rest of my Master’s programme at Frankfurt School.