How the Executive MBA challenges me to be better
Executive MBA / 15 March 2021
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Executive MBA Class of 2022
Christina is currently studying in the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School in the class of 2022. She has over 10 years of professional experience in debt structuring and investment project management. Currently, she is employed at Metinvest Holding, metal and mining group of companies, and developed the ESG stream.

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I was considering business education for a couple of years. Thus, I attended various study fairs, communicated with representatives of different business schools, and prepared myself for the admission process. At that time, I had been working for agricultural holding for almost 10 years therefore it was difficult to bring myself to do the first step in front of challenges. I was offered a position in a company from a new industry that is unfamiliar to me with completely new responsibilities – to develop the ESG stream. With changes in my professional career, significant changes came to my mind and my attitude to something new was revised. I realized that time for the Executive MBA has come.

Towards executive learning

The choice of business school was easy and fast for me. Executive MBA at Frankfurt School fulfilled all my criteria, where the main were the following: convenient tuition schedule, relatively close location to my home country, and, of course, school reputation. The programme composes of 3-day modules on weekends, which take place every three weeks. Therefore, it is very comfortable to combine a full-time job with education.

The studying process is very intense with maximum involvement of each student. We exchange our knowledge, experiences, opinions, as well as discuss topics that not from our professional field. This provides an opportunity to broaden horizons significantly, discover new ways in your career and improve skills more rapidly. Consequently, for me, each module is always something new, fresh, and interesting, that gives a possibility to both intellectual and mental reloading.

Networking with leaders

In a period of studying process, additionally to gaining modern knowledge and skills, the programme creates an opportunity to communicate with smart, advanced, motivated students and professors. In these people, I found fellow thinkers who permanently raise my level of development and charge me by their achievements, new ideas, and projects.

The current situation with COVID-19 has certainly influenced the ability to meet face-to-face and physically participate in lectures at the campus. Nevertheless, when you wish to get the maximum from your MBA program all obstacles remain aside. Frankfurt School offers platforms where we have an opportunity to communicate informally with classmates during breaks. Besides, we conduct online wine meetings in small groups that help us to be always in touch.

The right goals

The Executive MBA programme for me is a unique and has an inspiring atmosphere that students and professors build by themselves. The process of active studying creates the effect of shaking and emotional uplift, which squeezes you out of the comfort zone, forcing you to analyze your lifestyle from different angles.

As of today, it seems to me that before starting an admission process the most important thing is to have a desire to obtain not only new knowledge but also change yourself and your environment. At some moment, I realized that I needed to draw the line of what had already been done and move to a new level of personal development. If you have the same period in your life – go for it! You will succeed.