How the Master of Finance led me to my Investment Banking Career
Master of Finance / 5 February 2020
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Master of Finance Class of 2017
Yulia is a Master of Finance Alumna. Since completing her master’s in 2017 she started an Investment Banking role for J.P. Morgan and since then has worked for Citi, Deutsche Asset Management, Crédit Agricole CIB and Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank. She currently works as an Investment Specialist at Brost Stiftung.

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I remember well my first August in Frankfurt — I was cycling on the first day to my office (part-time student job) from Sachsenhausen to Messe and saw a man riding a racing bicycle wearing a nice suit and sunglasses. I did not expect to see senior professionals riding bikes to work — this is the spirit of Frankfurt that you get as a bonus upon joining Frankfurt School. I chose Frankfurt School from outside of Germany judging by the programme’s particular subjects, diversity of students (non-consecutive specificity) as well as the opportunity to combine work and studies in a 2-year setting. I underestimated a lot of advantages back then and a positive surprise was waiting for me. Among those perks is the location in the Financial Centre of Germany, strong Alma Mater traditions and a highly qualitative Career Services Centre.

Working Student Positions

I had already applied for jobs before my arrival in order to immediately get more exposure, which I would not advise unless you understand the level of responsibility and abilities, usually all of my international classmates started part-time jobs in the end of the first year. As a working student I was usually responsible for non-urgent or routine tasks, this also helped me to be flexible and manage my group projects. It also taught me to prioritize and focus as well as sometimes be able to say no in the context of additional group meetings or very attractive but too complex work projects. Colleagues would always say that my studies were more important than going extra mile at work and the work hours were strictly governed, so, this helped me manage my own schedule.

Looking for a Graduate Job

During the time as working student, I easily got in contact with hiring managers or potential employers as we had all the sources and tools prepared for us: campus events, career fairs and closed event invitations to Frankfurt School students from the top banks as well as a a career website where all the positions were located. That is how I applied to my first job as DCM analyst — on job teaser (career services job portal). At that point, I had already completed successful internships in Fixed Income and Portfolio Management, so, I was accepted without a Graduate Programme. You can easily build your own profile and make the most of your applications with the help from Frankfurt School. After I built up my profile and got used to planning a new student job in advance, I was on the track to apply for a full-time position still during studies. My priority was to choose full-time above trainee as I had already seen all the sectors I wanted there. Be aware that positions appear throughout the year and you have to stay open and flexible, teams are usually set and junior positions are not constantly open in niche sectors like it is in junior pools in some classical investment banking jobs. I was extremely lucky that timing was almost perfect, the bank agreed to wait for me a bit longer than they wanted originally, because I started applying while still in my studies and in the middle of my internship. That is how I got my dream full-time job in Germany, providing investment banking services and financial advice to the top German companies and the team as well as management that everyone would be happy to have at least once in a lifetime.

My Alumni Experience

As a student I always had the support from Alumni and Administration and nowadays I want to provide this myself, moreover, it is just a lot of fun to be back and to get to know other Alumni from different cohorts. Since I finished university, I stay in close contact with my thesis Supervisor, our Programme Director as well as our Admission Manager and try to support any on-campus events. For example, I have taken part in several Assessment Days for new joiners, was present at every Career Fair and am often contacted via LinkedIn to answer some questions.

As a final comment I want to say that Frankfurt School is defined by a powerful infrastructure as well as a professional, friendly, and cheerful community. I am happy and proud to be part of it.