Why I’m joining the MiM at Frankfurt School
Master in Management / 14 February, 2018
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Victor is a Master in Management Class of 2020 student.

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Hi, I’m Victor Lanckriet! I’ll be 22 when I start my masters and I’m from Belgium.
I have quite a bit of international experience, having studied in the UK and worked in Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Brasil. I have entrepreneurial aspirations and hope to get to know a lot of interesting people during my studies at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. I am excited to continue my international adventures in Frankfurt!

Why Frankfurt School?

There were two very important points I was looking for in my potential Masters programme. I wanted to further develop my international experiences and entrepreneurial aspirations. With more than 20 nationalities on the course, I am sure to have an international experience. A considerable amount of students also go on to work in the start-up atmoshpere, which is something that I am aiming for as well. Lastly, I also really like the idea of the option to study abroad. Frankfurt School has some great partner universities, in countries such as China, the USA and South Korea.

What I’m most looking forward to

I am most looking forward to meeting my fellow students. I firmly believe that colleagues can make or break an experience, especially when studying. Good fellow students means better class discussions, better collaboration and more fun! I am therefore very excited to find out who I will be sharing this important and interesting part of my life with.

Choosing my concentration

I want to take the Digital Business concentration. I believe that digitilisation and automation in business already is ubiquitous and it’s something that every single person should prepare him- or herself for. I recently did a programming boot camp, which was meant to start to prepare me for a business world that is becoming increasingly digital and automated. I think the Digital Business concentration will help to further prepare me for the world out there.


For further information on the Master in Management, feel free to contact