Why I'm joining the MoF at Frankfurt School
Master of Finance / 28 February, 2018
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Kristin Gjika is a Master of Finance Class of 2020 student.

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My name is Kristin and I am from Albania. I graduated from Princeton University in the US with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics last year, and took a year off before starting the Master of Finance programme at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. In preparation for this programme and my future career goals, I’ve spent this year working at an international audit firm, while also learning German.

Why I’m joining the Master of Finance

Making a decision on what master programme to attend is always hard. It is an important decision that will help shape your future, and there’s always the fear that something will go wrong. However, choosing Frankfurt’s School Master of Finance easily seemed like the right decision for me. It is not only the wide range of classes and the experience of the faculty that appeal to me, but also the fact that the school is located in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial hub. I believe in learning both inside and outside of the classroom, and the possibilities to do that while surrounded by so many professionals are great. Being in Frankfurt also facilitates finding an internship during the course of the studies, which is really important for my post-master career progress.

What I’m looking forward to at Frankfurt School

Apart from the classes and learning opportunities, I am excited to live in Frankfurt for several reasons. Firstly, Frankfurt is a city where lots of expats live, combining the experience of living in a German city with that of being a citizen of the world. Moreover, it is located in a prime position to facilitate travel in both Germany and the rest of Europe. As someone who loves travelling and learning about new cultures, I am very much looking forward to living in Frankfurt, and I will use this opportunity to improve my German, learn more about the country and culture, and explore more of Europe.

How I’m planning to be involved with student initiatives

Doing more than just studying while in school is very important, so I am excited to explore all the different student initiatives at FS. Both recreational activities, such as sports or arts, or ones that help improve soft skills, such as speech and debate or MUN, are very attractive propositions. As long as there is a healthy balance between learning and extracurricular engagements, I am interested in getting involved in several student initiatives, but I am waiting for the Student Initiatives fair before I make a decision!