From Italy to Germany; An International Student at FS
Master in Management / 13 December, 2017
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Master of Finance Class of 2019
Francesca is a Master of Finance Class of 2019 student from Italy who represents Frankfurt School as an ambassador.

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I opened my Frankfurt School acceptance email whilst walking into a cinema in Spain, and it didn’t really hit me that I was moving to Germany until my plane from Milan landed at Frankfurt International airport! The name of the airport speaks for itself, Frankfurt is extremely international. However, back home family and friends had scared me with the usual stereotypes of how cold, punctual and lacking-in-a-sense-of-humour German people are. My first thought was “Mamma mia, what have I done?”

Cultural Integration

With the only exception of the winter (prospective students, be prepared for that), there is nothing cold in Germany. Germans are actually friendly and extremely polite! I realized this at the Outdoor Campus during orientation week: a wonderful opportunity provided by Frankfurt School for you to get to know your classmates and members of the administration. The German people I met during my first weeks in Frankfurt are friendly, open and totally easy-going. I would recommend going to parties and social events so you can discover an even more funny part of your new friends’ personalities.

Luckily, I could already speak German before starting my Master here in Frankfurt, but people speak English, so it is easy to communicate on an everyday basis. However, I really do suggest learning the language since it will make you feel more at ease, plus the feeling of mastering a conversation in a crazy language like German is indescribable!

Employability in Frankfurt

I am studying Finance; therefore, Frankfurt is currently the right place to be if you want to start a career in this competitive industry. Considering the stalemated Italian labour market, I see Frankfurt as the labour paradise. There are tons of wonderful opportunities: most companies offer working-student positions which are helpful to deepen and test your knowledge. It took me exactly two months to find a job and I still cannot believe how fast it was.

A Master at Frankfurt School and German language skills are precious assets for your CV. I would strongly suggest picking up the language because even if speaking German is not mandatory for getting a job, it will help you to better integrate with your colleagues and you will never feel like an odd duck while you are in the office. Last but not least, make your investment in Frankfurt School valuable: take advantage of the Career Service support, the language courses and all the corporate events reserved especially for Frankfurt School students.

What does Frankfurt School offer?

Well, “What doesn’t it offer?” First, it is a top ranked Financial Times business school, therefore it offers high-level preparation, setting you challenges every day! Thanks to the ad-hoc 3-day study model, allowing you to work part-time whilst studying full-time, you can lose the first-experience-label that no employer loves. And lastly, Frankfurt School is extremely international: you have the possibility to speak with people from all over the world, discover more about their culture and their habits.

To sum up, if you are looking for a challenging, international and valuable experience, I can recommend Frankfurt School.  I am already having the time of my life and although the winter may be cold, the people certainly aren’t!

This post is part of the “An International Student at FS” blog series, covering different nationalities at Frankfurt School. This blog series aims to highlight different cultural perspectives and help you integrate with your international class mates at Frankfurt School.