How I qualified as a banker at Deutsche Bank AG
Executive Education / 23 July 2019
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Studentin Medien- und Kommunikationsmanagement
Nonna Walter ist Studentin im Fach Medien- und Kommunikationsmanagement. Sie absolvierte 2019 bei der Deutschen Bank ihre Bankausbildung. Während der Ausbildung beteiligte sie sich an einigen Projekten zu den Themen Digitalisierung und Einstiegs- und Nachwuchsprogramme.

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I’ve done it! On June 4 of this year, I became officially entitled to call myself a banker. That was the date of my oral exam – the final exam of my training course at Deutsche Bank AG. I still can’t believe how fast the time went by.

During my two years of training, I was given plenty of support by the “FS-Wallet” online portal. It was a big help to me personally, but also to many of my fellow trainees. We were able to access FS-Wallet thanks to a partnership agreement between Frankfurt School and the company that was training me.

A kind of game

Basically, FS-Wallet provides every kind of learning aid, from flashcards, training videos and quick online tests through to a chat forum. I’m a huge fan of online platforms like that. The whole learning process didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore – I came to see it as a kind of game. The more flashcards I learned, the more I improved. At the same time, they also gave us homework books for trainees, with answers in the back, so we could make our own decisions on which learning medium suited us best.

Training videos

For me, the training videos were the most helpful. If I didn’t fully understand a subject as it was explained in college or in our seminars, I could watch the video all over again for more detailed explanations.

In the training videos, complex subjects are broken down step by step and explained in simple terms. The videos weren’t just helpful for the written exams, such as the intermediate and final exams, but also for the exams set by the college and the oral exam. But the best thing was the summary at the end of each video. All I had to do was take a screenshot and there it was – my revision sheet for the subject, ready to go.

Short online tests

After we had finished cramming ourselves with facts, we could use a short online test to check what we knew. That was another tool I enjoyed using just before exams. Each short test consists of 10 questions selected from a big pool of questions. So each new test meant 10 new questions. And we had to answer at least half of them correctly.

Chat forum

The chat forum is a great extra. We spent loads of time on the forum chatting with the Frankfurt School lecturers, especially just before exams. They were really quick at answering queries about specific assignments, general questions, and requests for training videos on additional subjects. It was good to know that you could turn to someone for help on technical issues – even if was sometimes a bit last-minute!

For some reason, I’m going to miss exam time. Well, okay, maybe not the stress I used to feel right before the actual exams, but learning something new and putting my knowledge to the test.