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Master in Management / 28 September, 2019
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Student Recruitment Officer
After graduating from her Master in International Business, Erika joined as a Student Recruiter for the Master programmes

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“What Bachelor’s degree do I need to have?” “What learning approaches are taken?” “How will the 3-day study model benefit me?”  These are all common questions that we, as recruiters for the Master in Management, hear on a regular basis. Admissions season is well underway and  competition is high!

Our Master in Management gives exceptional individuals the opportunity to excel in a Master’s programme that covers topics from Strategy & Organisation to International Business and Marketing. We welcome students from a range of academic backgrounds as it is your motivation and determination which will enable you to achieve whilst putting classroom based theory into practice through field-trips and company visits. Our 3-day Model, which allows students to work part-time whilst undergoing a full-time course, will leave you one step ahead of the job hunt game, when competing against graduates who do not already have 2 years work experience under their belt.

So what does our ideal candidate have?
– A first academic degree
– Excellent English skills
– GMAT  (or equivalent)
–International and /or practical experiences (through study, work or extracurricular activities)

And how can you shine in a pool full of stars?
We are looking for individuals who will add diversity and drive to our international programme, and will develop and learn from others whilst working together intensely over the course of two years. Strong grades are an excellent start but we’re also looking to see that you have gone the extra mile. Internships and international experience are also strongly considered and can only benefit your application. So don’t be shy to include what you’ve been up to, we’re interested in all aspects of the application.

Now that you’ve clicked submit, what’s next?
The admissions interview is your chance to show us how your individual assets will contribute to the entire Frankfurt School Master in Management programme. We want to get to know the person behind the online application because based on what we’ve seen so far, you could be a good fit! How have your previous experiences shaped you? What draws you to management? What are you expecting from our Master in Management programme? And what about afterwards?

You all share similar interests and desire to strive through our management programme. Top GMAT scores and excellent English skills keep a competitive market. We encourage you to really think about what you can share in a 45 minute interview – something that we can’t see on your application documents and that sets you apart from the rest. It’s tough, but certainly not impossible. Embrace personal experiences, share your ideas and show us what we should look forward to.

See you there!