The MiM and the FT Ranking
Master in Management / 10 February, 2016
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Programme Director, Master in Management
Juliane graduated from the Master in Management in 2014 after working for several years at a leading German automotive company. She is now Programme Director for the MiM at Frankfurt School.

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While talking to prospective students all over the world about our MiM programme it has become apparent that, even though students completely vary in backgrounds and career goals, most of them are interested in one question:

“Where can I find the MiM in the ranking?”

To answer this question one needs to understand that the Financial Times ranking of the world’s leading Master in Management programmes is one of a number of key measurements used to evaluate the quality and value of a MiM programme. It is unique in that it is the only ranking to assess this format of Masters programme with such a robust and unbiased methodology making it an important source of information for prospective MiM students. However, it is still a ranking, therefore it can only provide a single perspective on what makes for a good MiM programme.

In order to maintain the quality of the ranking, all programmes are required to fulfil certain requirements in order to be considered. Firstly, the programmes must have either EQUIS or AACSB accreditation, and must have successfully recruited at least 30 students in each intake for 3 years. And lastly, since a key measurement of the ranking is alumni performance 3 years after graduation, the programmes must all be able to present employment data for at least 30 alumni who graduated 3 years ago.

This last point dictates when Frankfurt School will first be considered for the FT ranking and is the reason why the MiM has not been ranked just yet. As we launched our MiM programme in 2012 and the first class graduated in August 2014, our first graduates will be 3 years old in August 2017. Therefore the first available ranking that we will be eligible to submit data for will be the 2018 FT ranking.

So what does it take to do well in the ranking? The FT have designed their ranking to focus on the elements that many students find important in their selection. This is notably career performance and international experience. The ranking rewards schools where alumni earn high salaries and have successful careers, but also gives a lot of value to programmes which provide lots of international exposure during and after the studies.

However, the ranking specifically doesn’t deal with academic quality in the programme or overall student experience. Nor does it directly measure the strength of the network and proximity to business that are all traditional strengths at Frankfurt School. Which is why, although we understand the importance of the Financial Times ranking, we also understand that it is not the only way to measure our programme.