My Double Life as an Investment Consultant and Master Student
Master in Management / 18 May, 2020
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Master in Management Class of 2021
Malte is a Master in Management student. Before starting at Frankfurt School he graduated from Hochschule Weserbergland (HSW). Now he is working at Union Investment as an Investment Consultant.

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Career or Master’s Degree?

Probably all of us had this moment in life when we didn’t know what to do next. Especially the time around the end of your bachelor’s is one with sheer endless possibilities. There are just so many opportunities to choose from. For me, I was stuck between starting full time at my previous employer and pursuing a master’s degree.

So, what did I do? I asked my friends, family, and most importantly people who already went beyond this point. Then, I created a gigantic list with all the pros and cons, and I finally concluded that the masters seemed most promising for a successful career in the long term. Yet, the rocky road was still ahead, filled with many bumps in the form of questions regarding the right program, the financing, housing, etc.

Frankfurt School & 3-Day Model

I started my research and came across many great Business Schools, but one stood out. Frankfurt School wasn’t just an option, it turned out to be the best shot to go for. I did not even have to ask a single question but still got all the answers. Sounds confusing? Let me give you a deeper look. We all know, how important the first impression is, and gathering information on the programs and business schools is a crucial step. At this point Frankfurt School already stood out, it is probably the best Business School around to support students.

To me, some conditions were the most important ones. It was crucial to continue to gain further work experience and to finance my studies simultaneously. Here the 3-day model was a perfect fit. In Frankfurt, many employers will enable you to do just this. Little spoiler at this point: Union Investment, one of Europe’s biggest Asset Managers, is probably one of the best employers in Frankfurt, especially in regards to being a working student. They have great teams, a cooperative working environment, and are immensely flexible to support you during your studies.

Looking back, one year has almost passed since I started my journey with Frankfurt School and my working student position at Union Investment. And at no point in time, there was an issue with being a working student and pursuing my studies at Frankfurt School. It was one of the most thrilling and most rewarding times in my life and it was a great one. Still, don’t get me wrong, it is challenging. The weeks are long and the extra hours you will spend on projects and assignments will take their time. Still, the community will push you to strive and to challenge yourself. I never thought I would stay until midnight in the library and work on a case even though I had been working the previous days and had lectures ahead of me. Even now I remember back when I visited the campus and an enrolled student gave us a tour and told the same thing about the midnight library sessions. Now I smile even brighter thinking about how proud all of us can be about our achievements and how Frankfurt School supported us along the road.

My advice to any prospective student and those that are still unsure if they can balance work and studies: Go for it! The Frankfurt School Community and staff are there to support you at any given time! They will push you, challenge you and I hope you will turn this opportunity into one where you can look back and be proud of all of your achievements as well.