My first 90 days as an MBA Programme Manager
MBA / 17 February 2022
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Full-time and Part-time MBA Programme Manager
Stephanie took over as Programme Manager for the Full- & Part-time MBA in November 2021. Following her studies in Contemporary History & Politics in both Germany and the UK, Stephanie gained experience in German public diplomacy and business projects before pursuing a career in Higher Education.

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In politics, one says, the first 100 days determine the course of an entire administration. In relation to this idea, I thought it would be fruitful to take the time to reflect on my first three months as MBA Programme Manager, ultimately to see where we stand with our MBA programme and where I want to take it.

The Status Quo – doing an MBA at Frankfurt School

An MBA at Frankfurt School is a general management course that aims at fostering an understanding of all relevant business functions while carving out time for personal and career development. For me, the essence of our MBA is to equip graduates with a holistic understanding of business and leadership skills to lead successful teams and be the driver of change in whatever industry and role they choose.

The programme’s academic portion is underpinned with an array of personal skills and career development workshops and opportunities. As most of our students aim to transition into the German job market following graduation, we further emphasise German language learning, which is built into the curriculum, and, from 2022, a focus on immersion in the German regulatory, political and cultural environment.

With its new campus in the heart of the banking metropolis Frankfurt (and its locations in Hamburg and Munich), Frankfurt School leverages its community for exchange and impact, fusing research and practice via its interactions among students, Alumni, Faculty & staff and cooperation partners & companies.

What does a Programme Manager actually do?

I get this question a lot – the best way to describe my role would be to call me our MBA Brand Manager & Developer who leads and controls our MBA programme in a goal-oriented way. You may wonder what goal-oriented means in this context – at Frankfurt School, it means academic excellence and global relevance, measured across parameters and initiatives such as international accreditations, programme relevance and development, rankings successes to stakeholder management.

What I love about my job is that I can shape all programme facets and offerings with experts in their respective fields, from researchers to industry experts, with coaches and cooperation partners, for our MBA community, in particular for our MBA students and alumni.

Where are we going from here?

Committing to an MBA as a student is a big personal and financial undertaking. For me, choosing to work in higher education, in particular on an MBA programme, is an enormous privilege as I get to shape the learning and career journeys of the leaders of tomorrow. I believe in the more significant impact of education on business and society, and in this, the impact our students and graduates have on decision-making processes.

The big questions of today relate to creating enduring business models and management practices. Thus, in the future, I would like to deepen the understanding of the role of managers in leading change and questions of sustainability in the programme. Lastly, I believe in the power of (international) cooperation and women’s empowerment, which are core values one can expect to become more prominent.

Lastly, the reason why I love my role and working on a programme like ours is not just our ambition to continuously improve but to involve a range of partners in addressing contemporary issues and formulating solutions.