My incredible EMBA journey and the unwavering support of Frankfurt School
Executive MBA / 16 November 2023
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Executive MBA Class of 2024
Mridula is currently studying in the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School. She works in the PR and Education Department at the Indian Consulate in Frankfurt and as a Hindi Language Instructor at Volkshochschule Frankfurt. She has worked as an Editor in Deutsche Welle, Bonn and as a German Language Teacher at Goethe Institute New Delhi. She did her master's in German Literature at JNU University, New Delhi and her bachelor's in Chemistry at Delhi University in India and German Teaching from Goethe Institut Berlin and Munich. She has over 25 years of experience in the Media, Education and Government sectors.

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Not so long ago, I found myself at a crossroads when my husband suggested I pursue an Executive MBA. At first, I laughed it off, unsure if it was the right path for me. I had so many questions swirling in my mind – why should I do this, when is the right time, how to finance it and what if things don’t go as expected?

But then, the pandemic hit, and it made me rethink everything. We took a hard look at our situation, crunched the numbers, and realised that there might never be a better time than now. Sometimes, life has a way of surprising you, whether you’re ready or not, and my journey through the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme became a tale of these unexpected twists and turns.

The beginning of the journey

My father had once told me, “First deserve, then desire.” These words have stuck with me throughout my life. They encourage me to explore different fields, get creative and aim high. Yet, deciding to pursue an MBA wasn’t easy. It took me almost three years to make up my mind. Money was tight, and other pressing matters seemed more imminent. But I have a partner who believed in me, often more than myself. He encouraged me to challenge my limits, step out of my comfort zone and test my potential. He is a crucial part of this journey.

Pursuing an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is a transformative experience, and the choice of a Management institute can significantly influence the trajectory of this journey. So, choosing where to pursue my EMBA was crucial. I was determined to go to the best place for it, and that was Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Another journey begins – of a new life and unwavering support

Then, as the course began, I received news that I was expecting. It was a dream we had been nurturing for years, finally coming true. My already challenging journey became even more complex. However, the unwavering support from Frankfurt School and my cohort turned this experience into something unique, pleasant and enriching. I realised that I could balance motherhood and academic excellence with their incredible support. And when in the middle of the EMBA journey I gave birth to twins, that too, much before due time, the EMBA journey became a journey of faith, trust, commitment and resilience. Faith in yourself, in your partner and in your decision!

It showed new paths of hope and dedication towards the goal for me. Even the rigorous demands of the EMBA programme seemed doable with the understanding and flexibility Frankfurt School showed me. Frankfurt School’s administrators and professors went above and beyond to accommodate my needs. They extended deadlines and offered virtual classes when necessary. With the support of Frankfurt School, EMBA Administration, my professors and certainly not the least, my husband, I managed well, attending 95% of classes in person except one class online when in hospital. Their compassion alleviated the stress and allowed me to focus on both my personal life and academic responsibilities. They gave me the choice to complete my EMBA next year, but I chose to finish it this year, confident that Frankfurt School’s support would see me through.

The EMBA experience – not failure but lower aim is crime

This journey was about more than just getting a degree. It was a journey of self-discovery, a place where I refined my skills, broadened my horizons and made connections that went beyond the classroom. But it wasn’t a solitary journey. I met fellow dreamers, thinkers and doers who pushed me to think critically, analyse deeply and collaborate effectively. Every lecture, case study, group or individual assignments and group discussions challenged me and shaped me into a strategic thinker and a decision-maker. In EMBA, you become part of a cohort where innovation is not a choice or luxury but rather a necessity and where leadership is not just titles but emerges from the crucible of experience, so you, too, evolve more, pushing your limits.

I walked alongside a diverse group of people, each with their unique stories and dreams. Their wisdom and experiences enriched my path, just as much as the lessons from our professors did. And I am glad to have learnt from the professors, who are just amazing; they excel in their field and have extensive knowledge and abundant experience.

I am forever grateful to Frankfurt School, Dr. Barbara Drexler, Prof. Markus Mädler, Gisela Brinkmeier, Wiebke Kallabis, Alexandra Rübesam, Peter Kiefer, Pankaj Jha, all the professors and everyone who supported me in my journey.

This experience has made my belief even stronger that ‘God helps those who help themselves.’ And ‘Never give up’, no matter what comes your way!