My transition from engineering to management
Master in Management / 8 October 2021
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Master in Management Class of 2023
Jonas is currently studying in the Master in Management programme at Frankfurt School. Before entering FS, he did dual studies at Lufthansa Technik AG.

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I started the Master in Management in August 2021. Because of my engineering background (I have a bachelor’s in aeronautical systems engineering), going to a business school was a big step. Still, I decided to take a leap and just go for it. After some research on the leading business schools worldwide, I was drawn to Frankfurt School. I plan to work part-time as an engineer at Lufthansa Technik while studying, so the 3-day study model is a very good fit for me.

How did the application process go for me?

After some consideration, I decided to apply for the 2021 intake and was truly surprised by the smoothness of the application process. The recruitment officers are always available, both by phone and by mail, and the application platform is cleanly and intuitively structured. After some introspection, I was able to answer the questions about my personal motivation during the process without any problems. I simply described openly and honestly why I would like to study at Frankfurt School (FS) and what my professional goals are after the Master’s in Management. The application interview was also very pleasant because you could talk to a professional and friendly interview partner. In summary, I think this honest and open approach was the right way to go.

The long-awaited admission and my first days at FS

Luckily, I was admitted shortly after, and my journey at Frankfurt School began. Even before the orientation week, online networking events took place. This way, I was able to make some connections before we started officially. However, the most impressive event for me was the Outdoor Campus. You could get to know your fellow students and even study advisors and professors in person, playfully and with food and drinks.

My worries that I’d be isolated because of my academic background quickly passed after I met my classmates. The variety of nationalities and specializations, from psychology, languages, and engineering to of course business administration make up for a diverse intake. Friendships have already begun to form, and I’m sure lots more will be made during our time at Frankfurt School. Besides normal lessons, there are also lots of student initiatives that are a great place to connect with people. I plan on joining some of them, to play sports with fellow students and to improve my skills in consulting and coding.