Navigating New Horizons after the MSc Finance at Frankfurt School
Master of Finance / 22 May 2024
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Master of Finance, Class of 2023
Xinyao Li is a Master of Finance alumnus. During her studies she did an internship in BASF. Currently Xinyao is a Project Manager and Business Analyst at AllianzGI.

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Pursuing a career in a new country without any relevant educational background or language skills felt like a leap into the unknown. However, what initially seemed like a leap soon transformed into a series of fortunate steps that significantly shaped my professional journey.

The Power of Alumni Networks

Right from the start, the strong alumni network at Frankfurt School (FS) came to my aid, guiding me as I secured my first internship at BASF during the very first semester of my programme. This initial experience was more than just a fantastic introduction; it immersed me in the financial sector and German corporate culture, setting a solid foundation for future opportunities.

Additionally, the presence of many FS alumni during all my internships fostered a strong sense of community. This shared connection not only made new work environments more welcoming but also highlighted the enduring value of the alumni network.

Blending Theory with Practice: The Innovative 3-Day Model

The Master of Finance (MoF) programme has not only helped me build a foundation and fill the knowledge gap in financial studies, but it has also exposed me to different career possibilities and paths within the industry. In addition to completing the courses within my concentration, I truly enjoyed the elective courses in the 4th semester, where I got to pick interesting courses from other concentrations and stay updated with the latest news and concepts within the industry.

The innovative 3-day model is truly AMAZING. It allowed me to pursue academic studies while gaining hands-on experience in risk management, consulting, data analytics, and solution development. This practical approach was crucial, enabling me to explore various career paths by applying classroom knowledge to real-world challenges.

From Campus to Office: Get Ready for the New Challenges

My study and internship experiences were pivotal in helping me understand my strengths and interests better. They ignited a passion for solving complex problems and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. This clarity proved essential as I transitioned to my current role at Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), where I work as a project manager and business analyst. In this role, I engage with both internal and external stakeholders and translate various business needs across functions into logical and data-driven solutions.

Despite often hearing that shifting roles or working across different functions could be challenging in a full-time position, I’m truly grateful that my role at AllianzGI allows for flexibility in undertaking cross-functional projects. Additionally, the wide array of workshops, training sessions, and mentorship opportunities offered by the company has immensely benefited my continuous learning and development. These programmes have not only enabled me to meet and learn from more colleagues but have also equipped me to address real-time challenges that arise during my work.

The tremendous support and encouragement from my managers constantly remind me of the nurturing environment provided by my professors back at FS. Just as my professors at FS were approachable and patient, always ready to guide me through any questions during my studies or internships, my managers at AllianzGI foster a similar supportive atmosphere. This has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth, helping me to seamlessly integrate insights from my academic background into practical, impactful business solutions. The ongoing mentorship and support fuel my enthusiasm and commitment to my career, enhancing my ability to contribute meaningfully within the company.

Reflecting on my journey, I’m immensely thankful for the foundation and network I established during my time in the MoF programme. These resources have not only kick-started my career but have also been crucial in its continued growth. Now, each day brings new challenges and learning opportunities, keeping me motivated and eager to see what the future holds.