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Master of Finance / 18 February, 2019
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Master of Finance Class of 2020
Akanksha is a Master of Finance student, class of 2020 and FS Ambassador at Frankfurt School.

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Someone I know once said, ‘We are all economic migrants, running after opportunities, chasing dreams and moving further towards our aims.’ Moving away from comfort zone is the only way to find ourselves, to become who we were supposed to be, a more independent, and infinitely more self-sufficient version of who we used to be. With so much going on, several questions strike our brains each day.

  • What questions to expect in our next work interview?
  • How helpful would it be for me to meet with my future boss to address his concerns?
  • What’s the best way to make that introduction?

In order to get an answer to these questions we find the right set of people who can answer all of them at networking events.

If you are a part of Frankfurt School, you know that our core is mostly around understanding the German market, finding passion and fulfilling it by all means.  It’s been almost six months since I’ve joined Frankfurt School and in these six months I have attended five networking events! It feels great to have those best people around you and imagine yourself being in their shoes a few years down the line. The panel discussions at these events are exceptionally interesting and insightful. The presentations are extremely open and helpful in giving suggestions based on our concerns.

Company Visit

Last month I visited Citi Bank, which is a highly respected bank in Germany and the rest of the world, also one of the top employers in Frankfurt and represented in 19 countries. This event caught my attention because I could see the theoretical foundations of our finance lectures in practice. Much more details were highlighted during the presentation, where the CEO narrated his story on how he came into banking and also discussed the three important skills you need if you want to land there. After the presentation we headed for the dinner with the Citi team. In my opinion, this was one of the most important and memorable dinners I’ve been to lately. Delicious food was shared with lots of discussions on banking and women in banking today. We all left the dinner with valuable new insights.

I would say, understanding the work options available to a Finance student in and outside Frankfurt has been my key take way from networking events. I discovered this element after I had some good conversations with professionals from Blackrock, City Bank, JP Morgan, GTECH and other top notch organisations. I used everything I could to get this going – I would start my conversation by asking the person on the other side to share their career story of being in that organisation and then move on to discussing my goals and expectations. This is how I connect, it’s always a dialogue.

One of my most meaningful conversations was with a JP Morgan executive. We discussed the work she is currently doing and moved on to a discussion of my interests and skills sets. A touchy topic as it is for many internationals is our level of proficiency with German. I made sure to mention that I’ve been attending the German courses at Frankfurt School to make sure she is confident that I’m working to enhance these skills and exhibit an individual willing to go the extra mile to reach her goals. To my delight, she strongly suggested that I apply for a particular post, well within my interested area, and that too one in English.

Being a part of these events has been a wonderful experience for me. I met some of the most relevant people I know so far. Keeps reminding me to go harder every day!