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My new role: Lawyer to Business operations with an EMBA
7 January, 2021
Kari Foss
Full-time MBA at Frankfurt School: My Reflections
14 January, 2021
Akshay Joshi
Lifelong Learning: Eine Erfolgsgeschichte
13 January, 2021
Maximilian Richter
My Hybrid Learning Experience at Frankfurt School
9 December, 2020
Mike Thaler
Executive MBA: One of my best investments
18 December, 2020
Angelo Gibaldo
Become the Best Version of Yourself that You Can Be
15 December, 2020
Jessica Joy Morris
My Women in Healthcare Scholarship & what to expect from an IHM MBA
2 December, 2020
Vishakha Oza
One month down: what I have so far learnt from the Part-Time MBA
8 December, 2020
Diana Guajardo
Starting the Hamburg Part-Time MBA with a lecture on CSR
1 December, 2020
David Rochholz
MBA Leadership Camp: Full-time MBA Class of 2021
11 November, 2020
Shafia Huq
The journey begins: EMBA class of 2022
13 November, 2020
Alessandro Ottaviani
Our Module Abroad @ SDA Bocconi
23 October, 2020
Denise Jungblut
Why the Healthcare MBA helped me to start a business during the Corona Crisis
8 October, 2020
Sonja Konrad
Time flew during the opening week of my Part-time MBA
13 October, 2020
Kiki Husmann
Kicking off my Part-Time MBA in Times of Corona
13 October, 2020
Dodo Husmann-Pegher