Project management – a tool that soon becomes second-nature
Executive Education / 2 March, 2017
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Product Manager - Project and Process Management
Christina Klose is Product Manager at Frankfurt School. She is in charge of realizing professional training and qualification programs in the field of project and process management. She has studied Economics & Intercultural Management and has worked for 10 years in various fields of education with experience in different counties.

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Improving project management skills, encouraging employees to network among themselves, developing a practical project language that everyone can share – these are the main goals of a training and certification programme recently set up by Frankfurt School in a joint venture with the NORMA Group* for specialists and executives involved in projects and project management.

After the training course, I talked to HR personnel and programme participants to discover how much value effective project management can add for companies and organisations in all industries.

Teaching practical project management

A few weeks after the training course, Daphne Recker, Vice President Group Communications at the Norma Group, highlighted four key factors that made this practical project management course particularly effective:

Expectations of training course

“I expected the project management (PM) training course to give me the basic approaches and tools I would need to plan and carry out projects in a structured, efficient way. I already knew that there was a standardised PM language based on PMI terminology, and I was very curious to find out more about it.”

Qualified trainers bridge gap between theory and practice

“The training course lasted a total of three days. The trainer worked at precisely the right pace to put across the relevant content in an interesting way, explain the background, and clarify various open questions. The mixture of theory and practical examples kept the group on their toes and resulted in some really stimulating discussions.”

Adding value to NORMA Group working environment

“The training gave me the practical tools I need to tackle new projects in a standard, disciplined way and manage them successfully. I can also use these standards to optimise existing projects and make the adjustments required to bring them to a productive conclusion. I took a lot away from the course, even for just organising meetings or smaller team assignments. Another benefit was the networking: I met up with colleagues I already knew and got to know new faces, many of them from other departments and offices. This is a network I’ll be able to access in the future.”

Frankfurt School as training partner

“Since 2012, the NORMA Group has been cooperating with Frankfurt School (FS) in all kinds of areas such as executive development, the Manufacturing Management Award and our endowed chair. FS is a highly respected institution that delivers top-quality education and addresses business needs. FS has a great research team and takes a highly innovative approach to education and training. We can really identify with that.”

*The NORMA Group is a supplier of Engineered Joining Technology solutions with a global network of manufacturing facilities and sales and distribution sites. As a rapidly growing company, NORMA Group is increasingly reliant on well-trained project teams, and uses this English-language training course to build up employees’ expertise in project work.