From Public University to Frankfurt School – What’s the difference?
Master of Finance / 22 June, 2018
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Master of Finance Class of 2019
Dennis Rohmann is a Master of Finance Class of 2019 student.

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While the University of Münster clearly did a great job in laying the foundation of my career, when it comes to Finance the FS exceeds in certain areas.

State of the art facilities and interactive teaching style

First things first, I am sure you want to know what it’s like to study on the new campus. There is only one thing to say – the new facilities are just excellent. They provide a professional working environment for both the lectures and individual learning sessions. Small group sizes in class even increase the learning effect. You need data from Bloomberg for your group presentation, thesis or your own research? Then just go to the FS lab where you’ll find several Bloomberg terminals.

Grading will usually not only focus on one exam in the end. Normally, you will be evaluated during the whole semester with case studies, group presentations, in-class participation, tests and a final exam. Of course, this can vary from module to module and can be quite demanding. However, it really is an interactive approach and gets you involved more easily as you won’t just study for one exam period and forget the stuff you just learned afterwards.

Profiting from a strong network

If you are searching for companies like J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, etc. you will definitely find them either at the yearly FS career fair or at several workshops and events. Moreover, I am sure you will find fellow students working for one of these companies. And even if not, the FS career service has access to a huge data base of alumni who are willing to share their own experiences.

Do not forget that you all share the same interests, so becoming friends with other students and alumni is easy.

Working student position while studying – worth the effort?

With no doubt it can sometimes be hard to study and work 3 days a week respectively. Will employers value it? – A clear yes! You are already gaining relevant work experience during your studies. In the end, after your Bachelor / Master you will already be one step ahead than students from other business schools. If chosen wisely, it can be your ticket of getting invited to your desired company.

Between skyscrapers and rooftops

 But let us come to the most important part: What do you expect from a life in Frankfurt?

A vibrant city with a lot of restaurants, clubs and bars? Then you are right. Here in Frankfurt you can do both either indulge in the cosmopolitan area and delve into the dynamic city center and its business district or enjoy your time while walking along Main’s harmonic waterside. You will certainly not come up short either way.

There is still something unclear or you need more information? Then just drop me a message!