Corporate espionage, fraud or internet threats: Watch out!
Executive Education / 10 September 2014
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Head of Executive Education
Armin Nilles is Head of Executive Education of Frankfurt School.

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“Financial crime caused 3.8 billion euros in losses in 2013.” This was reported in Spiegel Online, referring to the latest National Situation Report 2013 Economic Crime published by the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation. And the investigating authorities suspect a much higher number of unreported cases. No wonder: those who are affected do are necessarily eager to make that information public. In a confidential conversation, the head of a major research and development department opened up to me about the current dilemma: if one reports the detection of corporate espionage to the supervisory authorities, one must take into account the potential damage to the company’s image – and specifically also the loss of an important cooperation partner. Even if high-tech security measures are implemented, an important vulnerability often remains: the “vicious circle of deceptive security”. The infrequency with which criminal offenses are discovered (or disclosed) leads directly to a reduced sensitivity to fraudulent activity – thereby nourishing the illusion of security. Therefore, ongoing internal education is so important.

We are engaged in the fight against economic crime. That’s why we offer businesses, government agencies and investigators special seminars on preventing and combating fraud.

Anyone interested in tailored and discrete in-house seminars is welcome to contact us for support. You can reach us any time by phone, visit our offices in person, or meet us, for example, at the 6th Stuttgart Security Conference on 23 October 2014. Registration for the event is free of charge, by the way! As an exhibitor, we be there to inform participants on the topics of economic crime and corporate security.