Starting a new chapter of my life at FS
Master of Finance / 30 September 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2023
Anastasiia Tsiluiko works as working student at Baker Tilly Germany while pursuing a full-time Master of Finance degree at Frankfurt School.

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My Part-time Master of Finance Journey

My journey with Frankfurt School started in February 2021, with the application process for Master of Finance programme. The application period lasted 3 months and included applying on-site at Frankfurt School, preparing and passing the internal exam, attending the interview, receiving the admission results, and sending the hard copies of needed documents via post. It was smooth and well-structured, as at the beginning all of the information about further steps was shared. Once I got accepted, I felt immediately that people here take care of the applicants and students. All the needed information was shared on time, when I had additional questions everything was clarified and answered within hours. For me as an international student, it was crucial to have a well-organized and smooth emigration process. At the same time, the understanding that I would be not alone with my problems made me more confident and extremely positive about starting a new chapter of my life.

My first days at Frankfurt School

During the first days, newcomers had a great opportunity to network, develop skills, and make friends right away. It is amazing to realize that Frankfurt School stresses the importance of networking and then gives such opportunities. Everyone here has a distinctive background and is open, friendly, and motivated, which makes this community unique. Outdoor Campus was a great opportunity to develop our teamwork skills as well as get to know our international, enthusiastic, and ambitious classmates better. Especially fascinating was the task to write a letter to yourself in the future; the idea is that we will revisit those letters at the end of our studies. It was not only a great self-awareness exercise but also a motivation booster. Additionally, on the two last days of orientation week, we signed up for and visited workshops on various topics. I am convinced each of the workshops gave each participant food for thought, plus tips and hints for the future.

Finally the offline classes begin

As the studies began, students had the opportunity to finally attend classes offline. It is an amazing feeling to come back to a normal life. Studying in an international environment is an inestimable experience: we have the chance to explore various cultures, meet people from all over the world, and share and get to know our various experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Additionally, there are a lot of places to study and network, like study boxes, common areas, an extensive library, etc.

Since the study process is organized in quarters, it is important to start studying the concepts just after the first lecture. This approach allows us to perfectly assimilate information and as a result, have a deeper understanding and knowledge. I am looking forward to exploring all the opportunities and getting to know the community and city better.