Heidi Roth
MiM class of 2015
Heidi is a former MiM Student and graduated in 2015....
Master in Management

Strategy and Organization for a career in Consulting

June 10, 2015
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If you are looking for the ideal preparation for a successful career in consulting, project management or business development then the MiM’s Strategy and Organization concentration is an excellent choice. The concentration was the best fit in terms of requirements and prerequisites for my career aims.

What I really liked about the courses was the possibility to apply the concepts learned directly into practice. One example is our Cases in Strategy course, during which we talked a lot about major challenges companies face today on the one hand as well as the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage and the sources of superior performance on the other hand. We analyzed why companies like Zara are so successful and why Nokia for example failed to evolve. The discussions gave me valuable insights for my future career.

Furthermore, the topics that we have discussed in the Strategic Management and Organizational Design lectures have helped me a lot in the job interviews that I have completed successfully with various companies. I think the knowledge that I have developed in the Strategy and Organization courses was one reason why I’ve done so well in these interviews and left a very good impression.

I will start working for UBS AG in Zurich this October, in the Multi-Channel Management & Digitalization department. The project with which I will start is about the introduction of one innovative, scalable operating platform worldwide, which offers top quality services, quick response times and cost efficiency to enable UBS to meet the demands of a globalized and digitalized world. The project will deliver this platform first to the locations Singapore and Hong Kong, and then the UK – with all the associated strategic and organizational changes and I am really looking forward to be part of such a large and exciting project.

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