Study the MiM with a non-business background
Master in Management / 26 October, 2017
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Master in Management Class of 2019
Vaishali is a Master in Management, Digital Business concentration, Class of 2019 student.

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Frankfurt School offers the Master in Management  to students from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds. The current class of 2019 has almost 20% of students hailing from a non-business background and I am one of them. I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering, and was apprehensive about going from a technical background to a Master in Management. Not because I didn’t want to but because of my lack of knowledge in business administration. However, this hesitation was put to ease when I learned that FS offers Prep Courses  for students with a non-business background.

Laying the foundation
The Prep Courses begin a month before the official programme start date and I was able to get a glimpse of what my new class would be like for the next two years. So far we came from a range of educational backgrounds, including literature, agriculture and politics.
The Prep Courses consisted of foundation classes in Economics (both macro and micro), Accounting, Statistics and Finance. The tutors were all PhD students who were well versed on the subjects they were teaching. They were quite helpful and taught us at a pace that we were comfortable with. The Macroeconomics class was discussion based which enabled us to learn through participation. The Accounting, Finance and Statistics classes were taught through problem solving, which allowed us to get a better grasp on the application of the concepts we learnt.

How did the prep courses help?
The most obvious benefit was that we were fully prepared for when the MiM programme started in September. Although we did not come from a business background, we were up to speed as the topics that we had covered in the prep courses were closely associated with the topics the professors were teaching in the first few classes. We did not feel out of the loop because of our educational backgrounds.

Were there other benefits?
Having the opportunity to make friends and become familiar with our new surroundings was another great advantage.  For me personally, being an international student, the one-month head start helped me to become acquainted with the city and the initial formalities. I was even able to show a few of my classmates around the city when they later arrived in Frankfurt.

If you’re considering a Master in Management but are uncertain because of your “different” educational background, I would recommend the Prep Courses at Frankfurt School.  My classmates come from all over the world and have previously studied a range of subjects. A diverse and dynamic class can only make the experience more enriching, don’t you think?