Masters - Master in Applied Data Science

Master in Applied Data Science

Semester Opening & Executive Talk at ECB
3 March 2020
Nicole Sarmiento
Cooperation Company Project: A Journey Through Retail Location Analysis
24 April 2024
Rhushikesh Bhosale
Balancing work and study as a Master in Applied Data Science student
14 February 2024
Christian Nikolov
Why I decided to pursue my passion for Data Science
25 April 2022
Shivam Agrawal
How the Master in Applied Data Science helped me advance my career
4 April 2022
Dominik Bette
Life as a 3-Day Model Data Science Master student
10 March 2022
Sammir Lesage
AI Pontryagin or how neural networks learn to control complex systems
19 January 2022
Lucas Böttcher
Master's study trip to Portgual – sustainability, sand and sangria
2 September 2021
Bronwyn Hoskins-Davies
Cooperation Company Project – dive into the future
11 May 2021
Friederike Falk
Why I chose the MADS
8 October 2020
Yudi Wang
Combining My Career in Portfolio Management with a Master in Applied Data Science
31 March 2020
Philipp Hohmann