The Frankfurt MBA - an enrichment in soft skills and lifetime connections
FS Life / 5 October, 2015
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MBA class of 2015
Marcus Friedemann started his career with his bachelor studies in cooperation with a bank. Later on he decided to pursure his MBA degree at Frankfurt School and switched from banking into consulting.

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…from Banking to Consulting

My banking background in wealth and asset management helped me a lot to build financial know-how as well as a broad set of communication skills, which were key assets during my years as consultant. Finding a solution for the problems of tomorrow is one of the strongest motivators to work as consultant. Project work and working in a highly dynamic team is something which I value and want to continue after my MBA.


Networking has always been a part of my work and is even more important while you are an MBA student. With so many internationals in my MBA class, I see it as an opportunity to build my network in a global world. On the other side, the school provides multiple opportunities to enlarge your network while you study. Valuable workshops with Accenture or executive talks with CEOs ranging from blue chip to family owned companies are just one example.

Work & study

I already experienced that trough my Bachelor degree in cooperation with Bankhaus Lampe and Frankfurt School, but during the MBA I discovered unknown limits. A highly flexible employer and sleepless nights were the keys to manage that challenge. The experience trough my consultant work helped me again to lead my MBA group task.

Personal growth

One of the key takeaways from my MBA program is a much better insight about my personal strengths. Managing all the group work and leading multicultural teams added real value for me. Ongoing feedback from my classmates helped me to get better and overcome my weaknesses. The outcomes of my personal career coaching sessions with Armin Nilles were a positive surprise. The intense and ongoing dialogue with Nilles made me understand what I have already achieved and what can be realistic in the short and long term run. His outside view gave me so much motivation for the challenges which are ahead.

Eintracht Frankfurt and Strategy Consulting

My focus during the next months until the end of 2015 will be on my strategic consulting project with Eintracht Frankfurt about the internationalization of the soccer club. Since the first day, the insights into the soccer world are fascinating and time consuming but provide a lot of fun. In the meantime I am preparing myself for the entry into strategy consulting and look for a new start at the beginning of 2016.

Beyond the MBA

Beside the network you build, you also make friends for life. An example is my Chinese exchange trip to visit my co student Jia Liu in Beijing to do research on our GCP project and also learn and understand a total different set of cultural values. The heterogeneity of those MBA friends like Jia made the last 11 months an outstanding experience.