Three clichés of an MBA programme that are true
Full-time MBA / 2 April, 2020
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Full-time MBA Class of 2020
Anahi is a Full-time MBA class of 2020 candidate with a background in consulting and social entrepreneurship. She is from Mexico City and completed her undergraduate studies at Northeastern University in Boston

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On my last day of the core module classes for my Full-time MBA, I cannot help but feel a deep sense of accomplishment combined with slight panic for realizing my life as a Frankfurt School student is slowly coming to an end. Halfway through my MBA programme I learned that all of the clichés people tell you on the first week of classes are true. Some of the most important things you will learn will be taught by your classmates. Time will fly by, make the most of it. You will take out of this time as much as you put in. Reflecting on this educational journey, there are three main takeaways that have made my experience memorable and that I plan using long after graduation.

Get to know your classmates

The programme is very intense and there is a temptation to jump right into assignments focusing most conversations on the courses. Do not get me wrong! I enjoy bonding with my classmates on the amazing marketing class we had or organizing study groups for exams. However, my favorite conversations are the ones in which we share perspectives and knowledge from our previous lives.

For example, learning about how Anirudh Dube opened a supermarket in India; or how Paola Leyva Rico created the nutritional strategy for one of the largest restaurant chains in Mexico. Take the time to listen to everyone´s story. After all, some of the most important things you´ll learn will be taught by your classmates.

Use all of the resources available

Frankfurt School has over 40 student initiatives, many weekly events, the Blockchain Center and the Artificial Intelligence Lab. With the limited time of one year, it can be overwhelming to choose when and how to engage with these opportunities. My suggestion is to reach out to them as soon as possible. Start looking for these opportunities from the beginning, because before you know it, the programme will be almost over. Time will fly by, make the most out of it!

Using all resources available also includes other students, alumni and professors. Engage with them as much as you can. I was very lucky to meet Marco Perez, an alumnus from the Executive MBA programme, at an event organized by the school. We realized that we shared an interest in blockchain and social entrepreneurship. Soon after our first interaction, he was very kind to invite me to co-organize a meetup on Blockchain for Social Impact. The event has been one of my personal highlights of my time in Germany and it could not have happened without the close community at Frankfurt School.

Take advantage of the FS brand

Because Frankfurt is the financial capital of the Eurozone, there are many events and meetups that occur on a regular basis open to young professionals. If you are anything like me and hide when you hear the words “networking event” try to remember that: you will take out of this time as much as you put in. Frankfurt School is a very well-known institution and chances are that if you go to any of these events the vast majority of people will know and respect the school. This is a great asset to leverage! Do not be afraid to share your experience as an FS student.