Do You Want to Become a Bank Manager?
Master in Management / 20 May 2015
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Professor of Bank and Process Management at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Professor for Bank and Process Management at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. His teaching and research focus on Strategy Development, Business Engineering and Business Process Management in the financial industry. He is the founder and head of ProcessLab – a research centre of Frankfurt School focusing on process management in the financial services industry. He is also the author/editor of eleven books and has published around 300 articles in academic and practice-oriented journals. He presents his research results at conferences both nationally and internationally.

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Well, it might take a while to get there. But it’s worth the effort. Being a bank manager is a cool job. Banking is one of the most fascinating industries on the globe. Banks are at the center of all economic activities. Sure, there are some challenges – such as defending banks against new entrants, coping with changing customer demands, implementing regulations, improving processes and so forth.

However, taking over management tasks and helping a bank to turn into high performance organizations is a great opportunity. So, you love innovation, you go for banking, and you consider managing banks or parts of it as a great deal for you? Then have a look at Frankfurt School’s Master in Management program with the focus on banking.

Concentration Banking

The curriculum of this MiM program is based on a framework for the successful management of enterprises (see Figure below). But the special feature for all interested in the financial services sector is the Concentration Banking. It consists of three courses which are at the very heart of bank management: Business Engineering, Process Management, and Risk Management. Business Engineering is about the transformation of banks into process-based and customer-centered organizations – a main task for today’s top management. Here, you can learn how to do it.

What about operational excellence? This is the field of Process Management which deals with modeling, measuring, and monitoring business processes. And the clue: in this course you will also have the chance to gain a certificate as a Yellow Belt of Six Sigma. This is part of the course! And then there is Risk Management. Well, the importance of risk management, related regulations, and bank governance is quite obvious … So, this is the third course. Naturally, these courses are interlinked with the courses in the core program of the MiM.

What are the perspectives?

Generally, the MiM and its concentration Banking opens up exciting professional opportunities. Entry positions might be assistant to the board, specialist in the headquarters (e.g., business development, strategic planning, organization/IT, process management, HR, inhouse or external consultant), or in any other area where there is need for management – which is virtually anywhere. Yes, it includes branch, regional or country manager jobs. And also positions in near banks as well as banking-related jobs in other industries. Or FinTechs of course who want to take chunks of business away from the established banks …

Get prepared for your career

Find out what your own strengths and interests are. This concentration is not for everybody. However, if you consider developing business models, designing new and improving existing processes, heading groups or departments and giving them strategic and operational directions as your personal proclivity, then this concentration is perfect for you!

These tasks need creativity and the ability to innovate. Imagination, courage, assertiveness, creativity, and innovation is needed in the banking business – more than ever before. You have a banking background or a strong interest in this industry? Come and join us!