Which MBA format is the right fit for me?
MBA / 22 November, 2019
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MBA Recruitment Manager
Sam is responsible for the recruitment and marketing activities for the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School.

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Making the decision to pursue your Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Frankfurt School is a big decision that has the ability to both propel your career forward and enable you to change direction. An MBA can open new opportunities to grow in your role and lead the way to the next step in your professional development.

Career development is not the only reason to pursue an MBA. The feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction are often key motivations that contribute to candidate’s decision-making. Once you know what your motivation is to pursue an MBA at Frankfurt School, the biggest question is… What type of MBA programme is right for me?

At Frankfurt School we have three main programmes for an MBA in General Management:


Full-time MBA

The Full-time MBA programme is highly intensive and provides professionals (3+ years of work experience) with opportunities to collaborate on ideas, lead projects, and attend recruiting events with potential employers. For students who want to earn their degree quickly, the full-time track may be best—particularly if employment at a particular company is dependent upon graduating with an MBA. Our students are high performing individuals in their specific domain, and are now looking to broaden their perspectives, learn more about general management and make some change in their professional direction – including taking on a new role, industry, or location or all three of these aspects.

Part-time MBA

A Part-time MBA at Frankfurt School offers the same curriculum as the Full-time MBA. However, the programme runs over 21 months instead of 12 months. The Part-time MBA format is the ideal fit for professionals (3+ years of work experience) looking to build on their knowledge base and gain new skills at a flexible pace. Since you will only be attending classes on a part-time basis, you still will be able to balance a job with your studies. This also allows you to apply new concepts taught in the classroom directly to your workplace while continue earning an income while enrolled in the programme.

Executive MBA (EMBA)

The Executive MBA is a part-time programme that is targeted at experienced mid-to senior-level executives, aiming to deepen their management expertise, boost their leadership skills and expand their network across industries and countries. The programme equips participants with new leadership and critical thinking skills that help them develop their careers further. Similar to the Part-time MBA, EMBA participants find it easy to apply new concepts taught in the classroom directly to their workplace, enabling them to learn as they go and excel further in their career. The EMBA mainly takes place on the weekend to ensure busy professionals can stay in their jobs while studying.

Which MBA Programme Is Right for You?

After evaluating the three types of MBA formats, it really comes down to personal preference, professional circumstances, and career ambitions. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to study without leaving my current job? Is my plan to switch careers or industries after I complete my MBA?
  • What personal commitments do I currently have and how much flexibility do I need in my class schedule?
  • Do I need to complete my MBA degree within a set timeframe?
  • Can I afford to study full-time or do I need to continue earning an income while pursuing my MBA?

Depending on how you answer these questions, one MBA programme may stand out to you as the right fit. Still unsure of which programme may be the best fit? The recruitment team is always there to provide individual programme consultation, CV Checks, as well as information on our MBA Info Evenings, class visits and student connections.