Why an MBA makes sense even as you are pushing 50!
Executive MBA / 11 June, 2018
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Executive MBA Class of 2018
Olav is a management executive with worldwide hotel and airline expertise in the areas of strategy, sales, market development and global alliance brands. His experience also includes stations management, marketing and quality assurance.

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Woah, what a ride it has been! Committing to spending most weekends and numerous evenings for something that is “…strictly not necessary…” for the next 18 months was, for me, a serious commitment although being uncertain as to exactly what it would entail. Graduation is special, and today my 87 years old mom came down from Norway to take part.

The DNA of an Executive MBA

So why did I do it? Out of a total of 44 Executive MBA students, there were two outstanding leadership talents, both young professionals around 30 who, in my opinion, did not need to go through such a program, but it is nevertheless part of their DNA to do so. And there you have my reason; if I aspire to lead other people I will benefit from the degree either way you turn it. Either I need it because I was not born with all that it takes, or, like the two classmates I mention; if I do have such talents, I will do it because it is part of what you do on your way up.


The value of connecting on a deeper level

Was it too late? Being one of the oldest in class, I would like to think not. In some subjects it may be about documenting what you already know while in others, I have picked up a surfeit of new knowledge that will benefit employers, staff and me alike. It is not only about the direct learning from the classroom and group work. The value of connecting on a deeper level over time with like-minded (and not so like-minded) people from other industries, cultures and backgrounds, is priceless. So, in my case, I would definitely do it again, despite the monetary price and the many weekends away from my family. Having the support of an encouraging wife was invaluable. Thank you, Tida!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

Thanks also to the EMBA team at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and to all my 2018 classmates. I am looking forward to meeting some of you again when taking part in the life- long learning program at the beautiful, new campus. Mahatma Gandhi said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” and today my mother said, “You will never be a student again Olav”. I am afraid that, this time, she may be wrong.