Why I chose the MADS
Master in Applied Data Science / 8 October 2020
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Master in Applied Data Science Class of 2021
Yudi is a Master in Applied Data Science student originally from China. Before starting at Frankfurt School he graduated with a double degree in Intelligence Science and Economics. He is currently taking a gap year from his studies to boost his CV with some internships.

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While I’m writing down this blog, it has been one year since I started my journey in Master in Applied Data Science (MADS) program at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Looking back, I feel fortunate and grateful that I made the decision to join the MADS program.

Finding the right programme

For my bachelor’s degree I studied Computer Science, during which I built a solid mathematics foundation and obtained programming experience. Besides my major, I also acquired a second degree in Economics because of my strong interest in the economic principles and the business logic in our everyday life. Upon graduation, I asked myself, “What would be the best career path for me, if I want to combine my knowledge in both computer science and business?” And the answer naturally led me to pursue a master’s degree in the field of data science and business analytics.

In the beginning I focused more on the programs in the US, as there were more programs and more reputable universities to choose from. But soon I realized most business analytics programs in the US were structured as one-year or even less in terms of time length, which I believe wouldn’t suit me well, because that means my schedule will be very tight and there won’t be enough time for me to either digest the knowledge by playing with projects or practice my skills by taking internships.

Then I shifted my attention to Europe, and after careful comparison and comprehensive research, the MADS program came into my sight.

First, it’s a two-year program, neither too long nor too short, perfect time length. Second, the university is located in the financial heart of Germany, full of opportunities for finding an internship or a job. Third, the program has a structure of its innovative 3-Day Model, meaning I can take courses exclusively in 3 days of a week and use the other days to work on part-time.

My MADS experience so far

So far, my experience with MADS has been beyond my expectation. Through various course projects, I had the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into practical use in business context. I’m constantly inspired and motivated by my extraordinary peers, who share with me the same passion in data science but bring different points of view from their expert domain.

It was also an invaluable experience to perform teamwork in a truly international environment and learn to achieve goals through efficient cooperation.

What the future holds

Had it not been for the COVID-19 I should be working on a company project with my teammates right now. But instead I’m sitting next to the window in my cozy apartment working from home office, because I decided to take a gap year to take internships and prepare myself for the uncertainties due to the pandemic. The freedom to plan my own path and the help and suggestions I get from the career service team have been another huge benefit at Frankfurt School.