Why I decided to pursue my passion for Data Science
Master in Applied Data Science / 25 April 2022
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Master in Applied Data Science Class of 2023
Shivam is a current Master in Applied Data Science student and also a Cloud Developer at SAP.

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As life has been uncertain in the last couple of years with this persistently fluctuating covid situation, I was uncertain whether it was a rational decision to take up a master’s programme at such a critical time. I was incessantly stressing over solving the dilemma of whether to resign from my job at HPE, which was going pretty well or take this leap of faith to fly to Germany and start a new phase of my life personally and professionally. With the constant ping-pong of thoughts and the unending delay in getting my visa stamped, I took a leap of faith in the precarious situation, which led me to pursue my passion for Data Science at Frankfurt School with the Master in Applied Data Science programme.

Why I chose the Master in Applied Data Science

During my first week here, while I was settling in, getting my apartment set up and getting up to speed with my course, I received multiple job offers. Eventually, I decided to secure a job as a working student at SAP as a Cloud Developer. I am currently working on the cloud service SAP HANA Cloud. My main tasks consist of modifying python code to improve the speed and efficiency of the Jenkins pipeline, which in turn reduces the CI/CD automation time. MADS helped me enhance my practical exposure to technologies such as Python, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and many others, helping me get up to pace in my current job role.

Frankfurt School offers an efficient 3-Day Model, enabling me to work alongside my studies. Furthermore, the Cooperation Company Project in the 3rd semester will also allow me to apply the theoretical knowledge I gained in the previous semesters in the industry. This hands-on experience will give me a clear advantage when I search for full-time roles after graduation and will really boost my career. In my 4th semester, I can either choose the Entrepreneurship Accelerator module, which will allow me to work on my start-up idea, or the study abroad option, which will give me exposure to learn about different cultures.

Balancing work/study life

The academic knowledge that I am gaining during my studies can really be applied immediately in the industry. Juggling my life through work and study for five days of the week indeed gets stressful, but when looking at the big picture, this will make me a better professional.

The leap of faith that I took while moving to Germany turned out in my favour. Like how they say, sometimes the most uncertain path leads you to the most awaited destinations.