Why I returned to FS after working full-time
Master in Management / 6 October 2021
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Master in Management Class of 2023
Jenny absolved her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with focus on International Management at Frankfurt School in 2020 and started working full-time at a media agency. After 1,5 years, she decided to take the next step in her academic career and is now part of the Master in Management Intake 2021.

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After working full-time for a year and a half, I decided to pursue my master’s degree at Frankfurt School (FS). Why FS? I think all current students answered this question in the admissions interview, and I am no exception. In fact, I answered this question twice.

My first year as a Bachelor student in Germany

I did my Bachelor of International Management at FS, starting as an international student from China in 2016. My freshman year was full of fun activities, practical experiences, new faces, and the worst exam results compared to all my other semesters (I spent too much time on extra-curricular activities and social networking events). I did learn how to manage my time more efficiently, ending up with some practical experiences and a decent GPA on my graduation certificate.

Because of my practical experiences, I didn’t even consider doing a master’s degree. I had been working in my 7th semester, and the company asked me to stay as a Junior Executive. Everything seemed to be going perfectly well until Corona hit Frankfurt in March 2020. As my full-time work at the media agency started in February 2020, I only enjoyed my time as a “normal” employee for about 30 days. Things started to change a lot after that point: working location, team structures, communication methods, and life in general.

Changes caused by the pandemic

To be honest, I am not the kind of person who loves change. I prefer a steady life with minor adjustments that I plan for myself. Huge external changes – like the pandemic – are not what I can acclimate to in a short period of time. Anger, sadness, and many different negative feelings crushed me all at once. It took me half a year to get used to the new living and working style and another half a year to decide that I wanted to change. I was no longer passionate about my work. I was ready to push myself beyond the tasks and daily routines I fulfilled with limited knowledge from my bachelor’s degree. We had a small marketing major in intake 2016, so I only had a few modules about marketing strategy and analysis. Therefore, I decided to quit the job and return to school.

Why I chose to pursue my Master’s at FS

After I made up my mind to do a master’s degree, the one and only option that popped up was FS. It sounds like I am exaggerating, but FS truly gave me great experience during my bachelor’s degree, and the combination of theoretical study with practical experiences (like being a working student) was what I wanted from a master’s programme. The Master in Management was my best option since I’ve been working in the Digital Marketing sector from my first internship up to my current working student position. Because of the situation over the last years, channels of marketing have changed quite a lot and digital marketing has become a large proportion of the various channels.

Staying in Frankfurt is also convenient for me: I’m from Shanghai, which is also a very international city as well as the financial center of China. Perhaps because of these similarities, I have liked Frankfurt since the first year I came. As I’ve been adjusting to the changes though, I think maybe I would like to move to another city after my master’s.

Although 2020 was quite challenging, I always believe that the future will be better and brighter. I wish everyone taking up their studies at FS a fantastic start and a satisfying time in Frankfurt!