Why the MoF at Frankfurt School?
Master of Finance / 25 May 2020
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Recruitment Officer
Lianna Mirzoyan is responsible for recruitment and marketing for our Master Programmes.

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Choosing a master’s programme is not the easiest decision. Finding one that fits you the most may be really challenging. When I started my career at Frankfurt School as a Recruitment Manager and learned more about the Master of Finance programme I realized that this is something that I must share with everyone who is passionate about Finance and ready for a new challenge.

Advantages of our Master of Finance programme

This programme provides students with the tools they need to enter the ever-changing financial market. Students get deeper insights of financial developments which help them break into the world of finance. Our Master of Finance has a lot to offer to students. Let me give you a deeper look into the advantages of the programme.

FT Ranking

Financial Times ranked us as the #1 Master of Finance in Germany.

CFA Institution

Many students know the advantages of CFA but worry about the additional workload. Though the CFA Institute advises you to start studying 6 months before taking the test, from my experience I would say that this is nearly impossible especially if you are working. As a member of the CFA Institute University Affiliation Programme our Master of Finance students automatically cover 70% of the CFA content in class. This provides students with a solid knowledge in the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) and thoroughly prepares them for the CFA exams.

Finance LAB

Finding data is not a problem at Frankfurt School. Our Finance LAB allows students to access Bloomberg data services which provide real-time global financial data, news feeds, and messages. And let’s not forget about the Tomson Reuters to help you analyse and trade the financial markets. These terminals help students get data for their group works, presentations, research or thesis.

3-day Model

If you don’t want to give up your current career we have a solution for that as well. You have the possibility to work part-time while completing a full-time Master’s programme. Your classes will take place three days a week including Saturdays, allowing you to work three full days throughout the week. This teaching structure provides a perfect opportunity to take challenges and combine learning both at the campus and in the workplace.

Python Classes

Nowadays finance uses many new technological tools and data sets to accelerate decision making. Many financial professionals want to automate financial processes. Python is among the top three most popular languages in financial services. A student with a combination of skills in coding and finance is competitive in financial environment. That’s why we also teach students to use python in classes to prepare them for a real-life financial analysis.


Many potential students ask me whether they can combine Master of Finance and Master in Management programmes because they can’t decide which one to apply for. If you apply for MSc of Finance it does not mean that you should only focus on Finance topics. In the 4th semester all student can choose two electives. These are additional subjects that can provide you with knowledge in areas outside of your chosen programme.


Our Master of Finance applicants are not only able to apply for our FS Scholarship but they have the extra benefit of being able to apply for our Risk Management Scholarship. The Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM) offers a scholarship for students who are interested in doing the Risk Management concentration in the 3rd semester. This scholarship can sponsor up to two semesters of tuition fees. 

Frankfurt School really is a place of opportunities. Here you can not only get in-demand knowledge which will prepare you for today’s competitive market of finance but also build a long-lasting business network. Gain the skills and tools to take your finance career to new heights!