Work and study – It is All about Prioritising
Master of Finance / 1 March 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2018
After completing his Master of Finance at Frankfurt School, Waldemar decided to start his career with a Graduate Programme which will hopefully turn out to be a fast-track to leadership positions.

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The year 2020 was by no means an extraordinary year to be graduating in. COVID-19 pandemic, together with global economic and social impacts brought by it, made this year exceptional; not least for the fresh graduates who are about to start their careers. And precisely in situations like this one, education and network can make a big difference; this is where Frankfurt School comes in.

Why Frankfurt School

The ability to speak the language of business, namely, to understand finance and accounting, is a main factor toward achieving success in the business world. Hence, the natural next step for me, after completing my bachelor’s in business management, was to attend the program where I can learn from leading professors and get exposure to practitioners in the industry. My marketing professor and concurrently mentor recommended the Frankfurt School for obtaining my master’s in finance. Being the leading business school in Germany, Frankfurt School attracts the best academics and students which will be the most empowering learning environment.

A unique adventure

Once I got there, it definitely lived up to my expectations. Right from the start, an overwhelmingly busy lifestyle changes the way you structure your work, making you to adapt to different schedules and doing many things simultaneously. Every day can be different and take you on a unique adventure starting with classes in the morning, having guest lectures with leaders in the finance industry in the afternoon and finishing your day with a party at FS Dorms. From very early on, I realised that studying at Frankfurt School would be all about prioritising the activities that would fill up my day (prioritising and scheduling is the key to take most out of your FS experience).

The competitive advantage of studying in Frankfurt School is a unique 3-day model, whereby I did spend 3 days working full-time and another 3 days were left for the classes. Given this opportunity, I was referred to Commerzbank AG by a peer, where I was employed as a working student in Commercial Banking and later in Capital Markets & Advisory Execution. Thereafter, also through a recommendation from a fellow student, I joined the Investment Banking department and supported the sales team at Bank Vontobel, which offers customised investment solutions for clients and external asset managers and is one of the leading providers of structured products in Switzerland. I had a great time at Bank Vontobel, just remember being there during market turbulence of spring and summer 2020, which obviously was a unique experience.

Which door do you want to open?

But there comes a time during your degree that you need to start seriously planning for your career after graduation. Frankfurt School provides you with a wide range of opportunities and it’s all about your decision, which door you want to open, be it investment banking, consulting or start-ups. I personally decided to start my career with a Graduate Programme at Wintershall Dea, Hamburg. This program allows me not only to rotate through different teams within corporate finance department, but also to go abroad for 6 months and expose myself to different culture and working conditions. The training you receive is well structured, industry-specific, and include plenty of one-on-one mentoring to fast track you to leadership positions within an organisation.

The key takeaways from my journey at FS are your peers’ matter, use your time wisely and connect with people, don’t be afraid of trying new things out and figuring out where your passion lies. Make the best out of your time at Frankfurt School – learn and support each other. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.