Working Student Diary: Commerzbank
Master of Finance / 9 June, 2020
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Master of Finance Class of 2021
Birgit is a Master of Finance student. Before starting at Frankfurt School she graduated from OTH Amberg-Weiden. Now she is a working student at Commerzbank.

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Deciding to start the Master of Finance at Frankfurt School

During my bachelor’s studies in business administration, I got to know the field of asset management during an internship at an automobile manufacturer. After this practical experience, I still considered this area to be extremely fascinating. However, I also understood that this industry is even more versatile from the perspective of a bank or an asset manager. This is why I moved to Frankfurt to do another internship at an asset management firm after finishing my bachelor’s degree. In addition to numerous insights and impressions, these two experiences have made it clear to me that I can envisage my professional career in the asset management industry.

After getting a first-hand impression of the campus and exchanging ideas with other students at one of Frankfurt School’s Master Info Evenings, I finally decided to join the Master of Finance program. The academic quality, the international environment and the university’s reputation were especially appealing and convincing.

Combining work and studies: Making use of the 3-day-model

The 3-day-model was particularly crucial in my decision-making process. This is a study model in which lectures are taught on two days a week and on Saturdays, which gives students the possibility of working part-time three days in addition to their full-time program. This enables students to gain professional experience during their studies and to obtain comprehensive insights into everyday working life, which is particularly advantageous with regard to entering the job market after graduation.

As a cooperation partner of the Frankfurt School, Commerzbank offers the opportunity to work in one of the various departments up to three days a week during the semester. I have taken this opportunity by pursuing a 60% position in the asset management department (investment strategy) parallel to my studies. Working in an area that depends on what happens in the financial markets means that the tasks and working days are characterized by a high degree of variety and a steep learning curve. From the very beginning I was involved in various tasks and always received support as well as assistance in case of questions from my experienced colleagues. I have noticed that in many cases theory and practice complement each other well. During my work, I see how models and theories that have been discussed during lectures are applied in practice. At the same time, the contrasting experience of being able to apply things from work at university proved to be the case – especially skills that I developed in Excel and Bloomberg. I highly appreciate the possibility of connecting theoretical knowledge with practical experience in this manner.

Some advice for prospective students

Combining a full-time study program with a part-time job is sometimes quite challenging. Time management is crucial in order to balance work, study (and the associated preparation for assignments, case studies and exams), and social life. Nevertheless, I really appreciate the advantages of working and studying, i.e. getting work experience and deepen work knowledge. In case you have not already attended, I can really recommend the Master Info Evenings at Frankfurt School where you can address your questions to students who are already working.

To make it short: I strongly recommend seizing the opportunity of the 3-day-model – it is definitely worthwhile.