Working Student Diary: Ernst & Young
Master in Management / 29 August, 2019
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Master in Management Class of 2020
Jennifer is a Master in Management student with a bachelor in Sociology and part of Frankfurt School’s Ambassador Programme.

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Entering the business world with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology was challenging at first. Everyone threw their fancy lingo at me and at times, I felt completely clueless. However, the more I worked in the Innovation department and learned through books and my mentors, the more I grew and began to love my new career path.

With this new found passion for facilitating and supporting highly respected and world renown scientists to develop an innovative idea into a marketable product or service, I chose to pursue my Master in Management at FS to gain additional knowledge from top-ranked professors and peers, to develop additional skills I might not be able to on the job, and be stretched to grow outside my normal work environment.

As a German expat growing up in Latin America and getting my Bachelor’s degree in the USA, the opportunity to build a global network and exchange ideas and experiences with peers from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds is important for me, which is something Frankfurt School offers.

My work-life balance: How I cope with the 3-day model

I am personally an early-bird and one to stick to routines. Regardless of what day it is, I wake up around 5:30 am and leave the house at 7 am. I live outside of Frankfurt, so I hop on the train and start my commute to work or school. I wisely use my long commute to read, finish homework, or just relax listening to music or podcasts. (Depending on our schedules, sometimes I carpool with my neighbor, who is also an FS student.)

Monday through Wednesday, you can find me enjoying my job as a Working Student in the Innovation department at EY, applying what I’ve learned in class the week before. I have different responsibilities and have been able to work on and gain experience on different projects. I work out of the Eschborn office (or home) and occasionally travel across the GSA region for trainings or events for one or two days (I usually choose Mondays-Wednesdays).

Thursday through Saturday, I am officially (and strictly) out of office and attending class at FS. If something relevant to class came up at work at the beginning of the week, I am able to bring it up in a discussion, relate it to a case, and ask my professor for advice or a structured approach. When I learn something in class that I could apply in some way to my work at the moment or in the future, I make a note of it and apply it the following week or when I can. This also helps me solidify my learning (study smarter, not harder). Doing so, I not only have the knowledge about what to do, but why and how it works and can explain it to my colleagues.

After work or school, usually around 5 pm, it varies. I catch up with friends or colleagues, hop back on the train to the gym to go boxing, or sometimes stay at FS to work on group projects.
On Sundays, I spend time with family and friends, prepare myself for the week, lead the youth group at church, and finish up homework.

So, when asked about working and studying at the same time, I’d say it’s totally worth it! Setting goals, using a planner, and studying smart are key!