Your MBA application: 5 tips for future students
MBA / 22 February 2021
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Recruitment & Admissions
Emanuela is Head of MBA Recruitment and Admissions at Frankfurt School.

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Be proactive

We recommend speaking to our staff, students and/or alumni so that you can build up a picture of what is expected of you as an MBA applicant and as a student. If you can accommodate a campus visit, you should definitely come to Frankfurt. By doing so, you will not only get a feel for student life at Frankfurt School, but you will have the opportunity to ask questions, sit in on lectures, meet students and staff, and spend some time in the city. Please contact the MBA office ( for more information.

Take the admission test seriously

We generally pursue a ‘holistic’ approach during the admissions process and do not have a cut-off/minimum score for the admission test. We check all applications on an individual basis and take several aspects into consideration. These include academic achievements, test results, language skills, practical/international experience and interview performance. Nevertheless, the test scores are a strong indicator of your analytical skills and whether or not you will be able to keep up with a fast-paced programme like our MBA. So, you should ensure that you have prepared well for any test that you are required to take as part of your application.

Get insightful reference letters

You should choose the people who write your letters of recommendation carefully. One letter should come from a current or previous employer, the other one can be from anyone of your choice (another employer, client, business partner, professor). The point is to get a letter from someone who knows you and the work that you have done. We really want to see recommendation letters from people who can speak about your strengths and also weaknesses in detail. This could mean talking about specific projects that you have done and/or providing evidence that you have relevant skills and knowledge for the programme (e.g. leadership potential, potential for career advancement). Overall, the letters should give us a sense of what your abilities are as a professional, but should also inform us about your abilities as a potential MBA student.

Make your motivation clear

Explain to us why you want to do an MBA and why now is the right time for you to do this programme. We are also interested in hearing about your short-/long-term career goals. You might be looking for a career change or you might be somebody who has been in a similar position for several years and wants to move up the career ladder and would like to gain the necessary skills before you do so. Everyone has their own reasons for doing an MBA, and we would just like to see that you know the Frankfurt MBA is the right programme for you.

Be yourself and be memorable

We do not want you to be anyone you are not, so be honest and authentic during the whole application process. Following the online application, we invite eligible candidates to a personal interview. This is your chance to convey your personality and tell us more about yourself; why you think starting a career/earning a degree in Germany is the right step and why the Frankfurt MBA is the right fit for you. We are also interested in what you can contribute to the class as you will be mostly working on case studies where you solve real world problems with your classmates. So help us understand what it is you are bringing to those conversations and show us what we should look forward to. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

In case you have any further questions regarding the Admissions process or need further information about our MBA programmes please feel free to contact the MBA Office team.