A new adventure after my MBA – from engineering to sustainable finance
Full-time MBA / 20 July 2021
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Full-time MBA Class of 2020
Diego Delgado joined the Full-time MBA in 2019. Before starting the MBA, he worked for 5 years in different roles within the energy sector. Currently, he is working as a Sustainable Finance Analyst in the FS-UNEP Centre.

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After working in different roles for the past 5 years within the energy sector in Argentina, I decided to pursue my Full-time MBA. As I had to complement my technical profile with business studies, the Full-time MBA at Frankfurt School suited perfectly with what I wanted. In addition, working in energy trading in the last few years had triggered my interest to work in the financial sector. Therefore, Frankfurt was the right place to be.

Working on projects related to sustainable finance

As soon as my team decided to work on a consulting project as our Master’s Thesis, we started to approach different contacts that the Career Services team had shared with us. We were interested in working on projects related to renewable energies or sustainability. We finally got in contact with an MBA alumna, who presented us with the opportunity of working on trending topics in Europe, such as the EU-Taxonomy, TCFD, and all the sustainable finance regulations that are shaking the financial and non-financial sectors right now. Additionally, I started an internship during the Master’s Thesis period and worked closely with the CO2 European market (EU-ETS), which also provided me with some knowledge that I ended up applying in the consultancy project.

Starting a career in sustainable finance

In one of the networking events of Frankfurt School, I had the opportunity to meet someone working for the FS-UNEP Centre. Frankfurt School is more than just a Business School, it also provides advisory services via the IAS, a department committed to improving financial markets and increasing access to finance around the globe. FS-UNEP Centre, one of the IAS competence centres and one of the strategic Centers of Excellence within Frankfurt School, seeks to facilitate private sector investment and financing of sustainable energy, climate change mitigation, and adaptation projects across the globe. During my job-seeking process, I got in contact again with the FS-UNEP Centre, which had just started a team with the aim of developing sustainable finance advisory services for corporates and financial institutions. They were also looking to incorporate someone with experience working with all the new sustainable finance policies.

All these sequences of events led me to apply as a Sustainable Finance Analyst at the FS-UNEP Centre and changed my career in the energy sector to a career in the sustainable finance sector. Currently, I have been working at the FS-UNEP Centre for more than half a year and I am happy with the switch that I made. The MBA has given me a lot of tools not only to perform technical tasks such as analyzing companies, reports, policies, or conducting assessments but also to take part in developing a new business from scratch.

I can say that the MBA has positively changed my career path after being in the energy sector for 5 years. Even though I had never considered it previously, I am now on a new adventure in the sustainable finance field.