Enjoying my ride to Frankfurt School
Executive MBA / 8 December 2021
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Executive MBA Class of 2023
Marcos is engaged in the Executive MBA programme class of 2023. After graduating in Naval Engineering, Marcos has developed an international business management and consulting career for consumer goods and retail companies. Currently, he is based in Germany, working as a Global Account Director for a marketing outsourcing company.

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One of the best things I learned in life (after many bumps) is that enjoying a ride makes it more successful and pleasurable. This requires looking at things in a different way, internalizing beliefs – not just speaking them out. Therefore, I would like to share how my journey into the Executive MBA started.

15 July 2020 – Chicago, USA: Our CEO invited the C-level team for a meeting – the results were excellent, despite of COVID. He praised us for the great work and outstanding team spirit. Still, the company was being acquired and none of us would remain in the new company. That was hard to swallow.

16 July 2020: We communicated the news to our teams globally. Immediately afterwards, I took the day off to think about how to now minimize the impact on my team and what to do with my life.

Overcoming challenges

Through my extensive and international career, I experienced success, mistakes and learnings, thus I faced high market volatility and unpredictability. On a professional and personal level, I had to overcome many tough situations. Therefore, I developed some resilience and psychological strength to deal with these situations: look ahead, be positive, think rational and deeply… and do it.

What happened next? I am Brazilian and Italian, with my family being divided over two continents – therefore I decided to move to Europe. Initially to the Netherlands for the first six months, negotiating job contracts, reading, and doing online courses – and I loved it.

That’s when I decided to take the next step and engage in an Executive MBA – but which one? I started my research, prepared a matrix to compare all parameters as I usually do. Most important factors: school reputation, the programme, quality of students, and the administration process. I selected six universities to evaluate, talked to many alumni, attended class visits, talked to course coordinators and their staff, looked at school’s reputation, and came to the following conclusions:

  • Better to trust on your personal ranking.
  • Students’ selection process is very important, as well as the School’s staff.
  • Alumni are positive about their school, but they don’t lie – ask many questions.

Enjoying every moment

After all, I selected Frankfurt School as it was the best fit for me:

  • Very good reputation among Alumni and executives in Frankfurt.
  • The classes are very good and the programme is comprehensive.
  • The selection process is the best among the universities I researched.
  • FS team: Markus’ approach is perfect to drive excellence to the course; and Wiebke is outstanding– she knew what I wanted and addressed all points perfectly.

Six months after moving to Europe, I had now signed a new job contract, and I was moving to Germany, to start my Executive MBA.

With all the changes and challenges, I was enjoying every moment of the ride. It required me discipline and dedication but most of all mental strength. So, my advice for anyone that is looking for a challenge in life such as the Executive MBA: choose the one that will bring you the most joy along the journey.