Executive MBA: One of my best investments
Executive MBA / 18 December, 2020
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Executive MBA Class of 2021
Angelo is currently studying in the Executive MBA programme at Frankfurt School. He is the Quality Director for EMEA for Seat Structures & Mechanism at Audient. He has 20 years experience in the automotive industry.

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Over the years I have understood that the best investment is in myself. Therefore, I have started to invest consistently in myself and my-further development. When I talk about investment, I do not only mean the monetary aspect, but also the willingness to sacrifice free time and to continue learning in order to advance my own development.

But what is even more important is that I have further expanded my way of thinking, of tackling problems and conflicts. I can say that through ongoing learning, I have created more value for myself and my environment.

The next step together with Frankfurt School

After completing my distance learning studies in Business Administration & Psychology, it was clear to me that I wanted to take advantage of the momentum and start a follow-up course of study immediately. The decision that it should be an Executive MBA programme was made very quickly. Now the question was, where did I wanted to start my studies? Before I started looking for the right University, I defined some criteria for myself that should help me in making the right choice.

These criteria included: It should be an elite University, with a very good reputation in Germany but also globally, the programme should allow me to study alongside my job, it should provide me with an international learning experience, be attended by international participants,  have renowned professors, and finally, the price-performance ratio should be right.

With these criteria, I started my search. I have to say that Frankfurt School has already moved very quickly into the foreground. Not only did it meet all my criteria, but I remember being impressed by the fact that despite its young age, compared to other elite Universities around the world, it has already achieved a lot in terms of global rankings and how they have improved from year to year.

These achievements say a lot about the determination, persistence and dedication of all the people who work for the University. I made a final decision once I visited Frankfurt School. My expectations were quickly confirmed, and I met a modern campus and very committed, open and lovely people who made it easy for me to make the decision to start my next journey of self-development together.

An incisive experience

The valuable thing about this Executive MBA programme is what we have learned from the professors in the different subjects, but also what we have learned through the exchange of different perspectives, which we have encouraged from our professors, among the students. Also, the way the entire programme is structured has helped me and my colleagues to get a different view and understanding of the relationship between the environment and business.

The programme starts with a view outside the organization, e.g. Global Economics or Competitive Strategy, and then shows the impact on the organization, and the means an organization must react to and anticipate external factors. The subjects Organizational Behavior and Change Management can be mentioned here as examples.

I feel gratitude for the people who are in charge of this programme and who are developing it further. For the professors who have taught us very valuable knowledge. For my fellow students, who have made my journey easier, with whom friendships have been made and with whom a network has been created on which we can build for the future.