From Colombia to Germany: Why I chose the Full-time MBA at FS
Full-time MBA / 27 February 2021
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Full-time MBA Class of 2020
Juliana is a Class of 2020 MBA graduate and is currently working as a Financial Accountant with Beiersdorf Shared Services GmbH. Before the Full-time MBA programme, she worked for 4 years in the financial department at Colgate Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson in Colombia.

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The workplace, in general, has become more and more competitive around the world. Therefore, I realized a high-quality MBA where I could learn not only from the faculty but from the experience of an international classroom would help create a competitive advantage for me and be a stepping stone towards developing a long-term career path in the global business environment.

The Full-time MBA has everything I dreamt of. The leading emphasis of the curriculum reflects the purpose to prepare the students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead in the global context. The range of exciting fundamental courses challenges the students and provides a broad foundation in management science. Additionally, the location with easy access to some of the biggest corporations is a unique opportunity to create a network, discover more about Europe, as well as German excellence and culture.

The MBA Experience

After almost four years working in a fast-paced multinational environment in Colombia, I reached very important goals that generated change and added value to the organizations I worked for. However, I realized that the technical skills, corporate and institutional knowledge, and even the business intuition I had, were simply not enough for the position I would like to have and dreamt of.

Frankfurt School’s Full-time MBA programme with the different modules activated my curiosity and made me learn about highly relevant management topics. I understood the future business trends, the new technologies, and how to work considering the future realities. The programme provided me with the tools I needed to understand the business landscape, develop fact-based strategies, and make meaningful business decisions based on data while managing key resources.

Additionally, Career Services gave me tools required to leverage my strengths, gave me useful tips for networking, and contact details of alumni within the industry I was considering.. They also supported me to better express my weaknesses as opportunities and provided guidance on how to face a recruitment process in Germany, without high-level German language skills. Finally, Career Services was very diligent in supporting me during the interview process, such as answering some questions with regards to my work visa permit.

Post-MBA Life

One month after finishing my MBA, I moved to Hamburg to start working at Beiersdorf. I joined the company as a Financial Accountant for the shared services area, where I act as a business partner providing insightful and value-added analysis to support the consolidation of financial information of different affiliates, especially in the southern region of Europe.

Now after an MBA, living through a pandemic, and two years of a lot of changes in my life – I feel proud because I am the best version of myself, having enriched my professional and personal skills. I have made new friends and colleagues, and I have moved a step closer to the vision I have for my future.