From Frankfurt School via BCG to my own business
Master of Finance / 1 December 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2017
Klaus studied the Master of Finance at Frankfurt School and is currently running his own business. Before starting his company, he worked for BCG.

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Reflecting on my educational background, I am profiting from the great Frankfurt School network in the form of supportive friends who pursue diverse and interesting careers and direct support from Frankfurt School during the initial phase of founding my own company. Starting my academic education in the combined studies programme at FS showed me an environment that was characterised by highly motivated students who have a strong drive to achieve goals. The subsequent specialisation in finance equipped me with valuable technical skills that prepared me well for my role at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). While pursuing my second bachelor’s degree in philosophy parallel to my Masters, I learned to cope with very different topics simultaneously. Looking back, this is a big plus for my new career path, where I am continuously dealing with interesting and totally new topics every day.

Working in strategy consulting taught me some great lessons

Before starting my own business. During my entire studies, it was my greatest goal to get a job at a Tier-1 strategy consulting firm. After proudly accepting my BCG offer, my educational background led me to the restructuring task force. Very intense, high-pressure projects in demanding environments taught me valuable lessons for my current path, which I will never forget. Starting and running your own business is comparable to working in strategy consulting in many aspects. Multiple workstreams with diverse stakeholders need to be managed and led towards a very specific goal while delivering only the highest quality. And this is my key takeaway – clients rely on strategy consulting firms like BCG because they can count on the quality of the project work and, ultimately, the outcome – no matter what! To phrase it in different terms: Provide and deliver only the best quality, and clients – and in my case customers – will ultimately demand your product or service. I strictly follow this mantra and centre the inspiration for my products on the promise of uncompromised quality.

My ultimate professional goal is to…

…make Gandini a top clothing brand that is known for the highest quality and ethical standards using only the best materials and excellent standards of making. There’s much talking about style and design in the fashion industry, while only very few focus on top-notch quality and fair working conditions. At the same time, many people appreciate, enjoy, and actively look for the best qualities and fairest products in all fields, whether it is food, wine, watches, cars, furniture or clothes.

As a first step, I will focus on high-end men’s shirts using the rarest and best cotton there is – West Indian Sea Island Cotton, which is primarily grown in Barbados and a few other islands in the Caribbean. I strongly believe that only the best fabrics paired with timeless and elegant designs truly satisfy the needs and wants of Gandini’s customers. Gandini stands for the best and longest-lasting products and sends a clear sign against the fast fashion trend. Furthermore, customers deserve to know that no one along the value chain has been treated unfairly during the productions of the fabrics. In times of ever-increasing transparency, the collaboration with the highly regarded Italian Albini Group guarantees a totally transparent supply chain and sends a positive signal towards respectful working conditions along the entire value chain. All manufacturing steps across the value chain are carried out in Central Europe, commencing with the weaving of the fabric in Italy. Shirts are my passion, and I am incredibly excited about the journey that lies ahead of me.