How to tackle the Master application motivation questions
Master in Applied Data Science / 3 May, 2018
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Student Recruitment Officer
After graduating from her Master in International Business, Erika joined as a Student Recruiter for the Master programmes

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Why do we have motivational essays?

When writing an application, whether it is for a job or a study programme, you always get stuck on the motivational essays. People always wonder whether recruiters and admission officers actually go through them. Well, we do! Not only do we just read them, but it is one of the decisive aspects when assessing an application.

A profile with a strong academic record, relevant professional work experience and a high GMAT score is definitely beneficial to your application; however a strong motivational essay is just as important. This is where you have the chance to shed light on your inspirations, aspirations and why you want to do your master’s at Frankfurt School.

To help you with these questions, which can sometimes take a while to get started on, here are some tips for your motivational essays.

Prior to the interview, we are already interested in knowing who you are as a person and why you fit our master’s programme. Tell us about a great experience you’ve had and how it has made you grow or changed you as a person. How has it inspired you throughout your education and personal life, and what have you learnt from this?

This is your opportunity to show your true personality and stand out. You do not need to have the most exotic story, just be as genuine as possible. It might be something from your everyday life or even the biggest failure you’ve had. Experiences are what have made you who you are today, and this is what matters to us: YOU.

Everyone has aspirations for the future, some may be far-fetched and others more focused on the short-term, but what’s most important is that you have a plan in mind, maybe even a plan B too. So don’t be vague, don’t beat around the bush and don’t be scared to tell us about what you intend to do with your future.

How will studying at Frankfurt School and be part of this programme help you get to where you want to be?

So whether you want to become the next CEO of Apple or get into the next Deloitte graduate programme, we want to know how you think Frankfurt School will help you achieve this goal.

So, once you commit to sitting down and answering your motivational questions, take the following into account:

  1. Consider your previous experiences;
  2. Use your knowledge to give a detailed yet captivating answer;
  3. Give us a reason why this master’s fits your future plans;
  4. And most importantly, show us the real you.

We wish you all the best of luck and looking forward to your master application!