Moving from a small country to the financial centre of Europe for my master's
Master of Finance / 3 November 2021
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Master of Finance Class of 2023
Hayk Darbinyan is a Master of Finance student. Before starting at Frankfurt School he graduated from the American University of Armenia.

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I was born and raised in Armenia. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, I was keen to continue my education in one of the world’s financial centers. After comparing rankings of various educational institutions and programmes, I put Frankfurt School (FS) on my shortlist of the best options.

Online vs on-campus classes

The Master of Finance (MoF) programme offered by Frankfurt School had the best mixture of academics and practice. I went ahead with my application and fortunately got an acceptance letter by mid-summer. I was eager to start my studies on campus. However, due to the lockdown, I was only able to arrive in Frankfurt in October. I was initially upset that I had to start my studies online and miss the orientation week on campus, but the FS faculty and staff did their best to accommodate my needs. The process of orientation and teaching online was organized at the highest level, I was happy to start my studies regardless of the format. I will try to give you the essential pieces of advice that helped me during my “Orientation” in Frankfurt.

My first impression about Frankfurt

I arrived in Frankfurt early in the morning. The weather was colder than I expected, however, the city was very easy to navigate, and I quickly got to my new home. Frankfurt is an international city, and people are often fluent in English, so no one should expect communication issues while staying in Frankfurt.  The city has a well-developed infrastructure, and the city is easily accessible via public transport. It does not take too long to get accustomed to the city. There are many affordable local stores so you can find everything within walking distance. General advice should be to rely mainly on public transportation for easy navigation.

First time at the campus

My first on-campus class was three days after my arrival. I was happy to meet my classmates finally. Some of them I already knew from our Online Orientation Sessions, and I was glad to meet them finally in person. Some of our class representatives organized a meeting for late arrived students, which helped all of us to know more people and integrate into the school smoother. I found many international students in our class. I am happy that by learning in a diverse environment, we will learn about other cultures and broaden our knowledge of humanity.

To sum up, Frankfurt is a superb city with great people from all walks of life. Everyone can find something that they like and enjoy doing. FS offers high-quality education with German excellence and global relevance, a worthy endeavor for one’s future success. FS’s staff, faculty, and students will help provide a smooth transition and integration to FS’s community where anyone can reach their goals.